How to increase speed in CS:GO through the console

speed in CS:GO

There are several console commands in CS:GO that can help increase your speed and movement in the game:


Increase movement speed:


1.Type “cl_showpos 1” in the console to display your current position and speed. You can then use the “speed” command followed by a number to set your movement speed. For example, “speed 300” will increase your speed to 300.

Toggle auto-jump:

2. Type “cl_autowepswitch 0” in the console to disable auto-weapon switch. This will allow you to toggle auto-jump on by typing “+jump” in the console.

Bunny hopping:

3. Bunny hopping is a technique used to gain speed while jumping. You can enable it by typing “sv_enablebunnyhopping 1” in the console.

Strafe jumping:

4. Strafe jumping is another technique used to gain speed while jumping. You can enable it by typing “sv_airaccelerate 100” in the console.

Increase mouse sensitivity:

5. Type “sensitivity” in the console to see your current mouse sensitivity. You can increase it by typing “sensitivity X” (replace X with a number) in the console.


It’s important to note that using console commands to increase your speed in CS:GO can be considered cheating in competitive play, so use them at your own discretion.


What affects the player’s movement speed


There are several factors that can affect a player’s movement speed in CS:GO:


  1. Weapon: The player’s movement speed is affected by the weapon they are holding. For example, holding a knife or a pistol will make the player move faster than holding a heavy machine gun.
  2. Crouching: When a player crouches, they move slower than when they are standing upright. However, crouching can also make the player more accurate when shooting.
  3. Running and Walking: Running will make the player move faster, but it also makes their movements louder and less accurate. Walking will make the player move slower, but it also makes their movements quieter and more accurate.
  4. Terrain: Different terrain types can affect a player’s movement speed. For example, running on sand or water will slow the player down.
  5. Equipment: Some equipment, such as grenades or bomb, can affect the player’s movement speed when they are being carried.
  6. In-game settings: The player’s movement speed can also be affected by the settings in the game, such as the speed and acceleration settings, which can be adjusted using console commands.


It’s important for players to understand how these factors affect their movement speed in order to make the best decisions in different situations during gameplay.

What is Noclip

What is Noclip

Noclip is a cheat command that is commonly used in video games, including CS:GO, that allows the player to move through walls, floors, and other objects in the game. When the noclip command is activated, the player is essentially “clipping” through the game environment and is able to move freely in any direction without being hindered by physical barriers.


In CS:GO, the noclip command can only be activated in offline matches or in custom maps. It is commonly used for testing purposes, such as exploring different areas of a map or testing out new game mechanics without the constraints of the game environment.

It’s important to note that using the noclip command in online or competitive play is considered cheating and can result in penalties or bans. Additionally, some servers may have anti-cheat measures in place to prevent players from using the noclip command.