CS: GO Player Rating: The Best Players of 2021

CS: GO Player Rating


Each devoted fan of CS: GO finds at least 1 hour a day playing their favorite game. While the ones get only the excitement and the fun from the match, the others have more important reasons – to improve skills of match understanding, shooting, grenade spread, etc.

Becoming a professional Counter-Strike player is a long and complicated approach, full of competitors and similar enthusiasts. But if the person reaches the aim, he gets the possibility to participate in the authoritative global tournaments and be respected by a vast worldwide community. HLTV, the CS: GO statistics and latest news website, provides an annual analysis of each sportsman’s performance to highlight the best 20. Therefore, let’s discover which factors are considered while building a CS: GO player rating and who became the best of the last year.  

Primary Factors for Building CS: GO Player Rating 

HLTV is an international platform that analyzes the peculiarities of each player’s game manner to determine his gaming manner to understand if he should be in the ranking. The process takes up to a year because even new cyber scene stars can reveal their talent and be noticed by the analytics. 

Therefore, there are some basic parameters necessary for the statistics: 


  • Individual skill. It represents the player’s performance during the tournaments and if his tactics lead to a team winning the round. So, the player is considered efficient if he can survive for a long time or kill at least 1 enemy each round. 
  • Tournament success. There are 2 types of CS: GO championships – minors and majors. The statistics are improved if the player takes 1-3 places in the majors, the most significant events. It brings him many extra points, moving him up to the list. 
  • Player’s LAN awards. After each championship ends, those who impacted the team’s success the most get additional awards – medals, which identify that the player is the most valuable. If there are more awards, it will bring more points for CS: GO player rating

Each parameter’s type is the essential factor for the e-sportsmen being added to the HLTV-rating and getting the world’s community respect. And now, let’s describe each player’s characteristics in detail and understand why they’re used to create the annual statistics. 

Personal Skill

According to the famous rule, there is no team if everybody thinks only about himself, and even in CS: GO, it often comes true. However, in most tournament games, several situations can occur which rely on the shoulders of the 1 team member. And usually, that person becomes the one who determines if the team may take 1st place. 

Personal Skill

Therefore, HLTV considers the following individual skill characteristics: 


  • Kills per round: it is counted by comparing games when the player made at least 1 with those he died or didn’t make any impact. The average KPR for the top players is 0.8-0.9. 
  • In-game surviving: it’s the percentage of rounds in which the player stayed alive and didn’t get a critical shot from the enemies. It’s excellent to have 40-45% surviving. 
  • Average damage: the indicator represents the average number of hit points that the player removed from the enemies during the year. The AWP players get the highest value of 80-90 HP damage. 
  • General impact: it’s the average number of clutches, multi-kills, and the exceptional game moves that the player introduced during the tournaments. The indicator is considered high if its value is more than 1.0. 
  • Consistency: the parameter depends on the player’s consistency while performing on different maps and the stability of his playing manner. If the e-sportsman always performs well and lacks flaws in his game, he is highly consistent.


The listed parameters build up the essential one – the general rating of CS: GO, which is an inconsistent indicator and can be changed each specific period. At the end of the year, its final value is claimed and added to CS: GO player rating. 

Performance on Tournaments 

The most essential in this parameter are majors, in which the player’s team took the 1-3 places. If the team participated in a minor LAN, it is also considered in the statistics but brings fewer points. 

Performance on Tournaments 

Overall, the most crucial tournaments are the following: 

  • BLAST World Final. 
  • ESL Pro League. 
  • PGL Major. 
  • EPIC League CIS. 

Winning the championship is the most efficient for CS: GO player rating, and usually, those who win an annual major appear in the top 20. 

Personal Awards

And such a parameter that represents the player’s performance in the specific tournaments depends on the number of the following awards: 

  • MVP: the most efficient player who impacted the most for succeeding in the championship.
  • EVP is given who showed an above-average result while competing for 1st place. 

Personal Awards

Those who get more awards can be ranked higher in the HLTV-rating. 

Top 20 CS: GO Players in HLTV 2021 Rating

You can find the players of different professional teams in the list below, such as NA’VI, FaZe, G2, Heroic, etc. 

Each proved their talent by their exceptional performance on the world’s scene. 

  1. s1mple. 
  2. XywOo.
  3. NiKo.
  4. sh1ro.
  5. Ax1le.
  6. HObbit.
  7. electroNic. 
  9. b1t.
  10. Jame.
  11. dev1ce.
  12. huNter-.
  13. blameF.
  14. NAF.
  16. stavn.
  17. Twistzz.
  18. ropz.
  19. EliGE.
  20. broky. 

Each has a specific playing style and has personal talent peculiarities. They are the representatives of various nations which build multi-language teams. But the thing which unites all of them is the devotion to CS: GO and playing it for years. Their dedication and persistence led them to world success. 

To Sum Up

Overall, practically each Counter-Strike player dreams about becoming famous and has exceptional skill. Everybody wants to reach success and become a true master, regardless of what ranking group the player belongs to. And that’s the thing that still makes CS: GO actual worldwide – the common goal to become the best by playing the favorite shooter.