About Us

About Us 

CSGO-Top.com authorities are the devoted lovers of CS: GO, who dedicated many years to researching the most convenient methods for getting skins. We remember when Counter-strike had no skins, and the players held standard unadorned guns. One day, we understood that it is more than a game for us, and we should do our best to make it better not only for us but also for the global audience. 

Therefore, when we see the CS: GO case opening sites reach their popularity’s peak, we follow our duty to provide an independent, reliable, and fair ranking. Our team consists of analysts, web developers, designers, programmers, and the one thing which brings us together is our sincere passion for Counter-strike. 

What Differs Us from Other Similar Platforms 

We don’t stop working and continuously implement something new in our platform’s structure. CS.GO-Top.com primary characteristics we want to outline are: 

  • Non-loyal to CS: GO platforms. Our experts don’t have connections to other websites, which you can see in the ranking. We provide only fair rankings in which even our opinion doesn’t play a crucial role. 
  • Multifactorial ranking list. We want our ranking to be the most informative among the others, and we consider 7 different parameters to reach a high objectivity level. 
  • We work quickly. If we notice a new CS: GO case opening site appearing on the market, we promptly analyze its performance indicators and add it to our ranking list. 

Our team consistently works to provide you with the latest information about the trends in online case opening and help you choose the most suitable platform. 

What We Expect from Our Users

Everything we wish for our users is to be happy and acquire possibilities to make the case opening more exciting and problem-free. We aim to make everybody enjoy opening cases online just like us.