CS:GO competition statistics: find out everything secret about the players

CS:GO competition statistics

In any sport or game, there is such a thing as statistics. These indicators show the level of your skill in various parameters. Also, with the help of CS:GO competition statistics, you can compare players, and identify the best in any parameter. Moreover, statistics help to improve your skills and motivate you to become stronger.

How to view player profile statistics?

Steam does not provide proper tools for viewing profiles and CS:GO competition statistics. There are also no normal statistics in the game client. Players use third-party services to extract information.

The most popular and convenient of them is the CS GO stats services. In order to use the service, there is no need to log in with your Steam account. It is enough to have a link to the steam profile of the desired player, and the site itself will find information on it. Instruction:

  • Go to the stats service
  • Find the desired profile on Steam and copy its link
  • Insert a link in the search bar of the site
  • Wait up to 5 minutes

After collecting information, the site gives out all the data on the player. The main screen provides information about:

  • Number of kills
  • Time in game
  • Percentage of wins
  • Shot Accuracy
  • Percentage of hits in the head
  • MVP in matches

How to see the bans of a player in CS:GO?

Steam also does not provide such statistics for players, so players use third-party resources. One of the most popular resources for viewing ban statistics is the Ban Checker extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

In order to find out information on bans about players with whom there were games previously, you need to connect your API key and upload the entire match history to the extension. This may take a decent amount of time. Further in the list of players in front of each, there will be either a green checkmark (means that the player does not have a VAC ban) or a red circle (means that a ban was given).

If you are interested in a specific player not from a player’s match, you can use the service https://convars.com/csgostats/en. In the search bar of the site, it is enough to enter a link to the steam player. The site also maintains statistics on VAC and game bans for all players.

CS:GO statistics

Map statistics in CS:GO

There is no exact answer to this question. Many Internet resources make articles about map statistics in CS:GO, but it is not always relevant. If a player needs statistics for a certain map, they need to search Google for the most recent articles by date. Statistics collection services do not provide data on maps.

Statistics of matches in CS:GO

You can analyze the match in the game client after completion. If you need more detailed information, you need to take your match sharecode. In order to get it, you need to go into your matches, select the one you need and click on the “Copy link” button. Next, go to the stats site, go to the “match analyzer” tab and enter a link to your match there.

Here you can already find detailed information on such aspects as:

  • General table of players
  • Statistics of weapons used in each round
  • Team Economy
  • Command Outputs
  • Clutch statistics
  • Each individual performance
  • Hit stats for each player
  • The efficiency of each player in the match

Rank statistics in CS:GO

The stat site will also help in this matter. You need to find the “Ranks Data” tab. There you can choose the leaderboard, the statistics of the titles of all players, and the win rate for each title. You can view statistics for the last 2 months, for the current month, and for the last 2 weeks.

Online statistics in CS:GO

One of the few statistics that Steam can provide. Data on the number of players in the CS GO game can be found on the Steam website itself in the “Statistics” section for games. The figures are updated every day, you can find data for each day, live data, and for the month. Here you can also see statistics for other games on the site and compare them.