CSGO weapon cases: what are they for?

CSGO weapon cases

One of the primary inventory items in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the CSGO weapon cases (chests). As a result of these, CS:GO’s economy is thriving because these cases contain extremely valuable weapon skins. A list of the skins that are available for each case may be seen by clicking on the case itself.

What are they for?

Online games are thrilling because they provide you the chance to compete against a real opponent, allowing you to showcase your abilities and establish yourself as the best player. In most games, you can either use real money or in-game currency to upgrade your character. The well-known “Counter-Strike” was no exception, as players had access to CSGO weapon cases that can hold a variety of intriguing goods.

There are numerous ways to obtain such cases, but to do so, you must play a game and carry out specific tasks. You can obtain a case with a specific item to use for their implementation (or items). The object can be utilized in combat, kept in the gallery, or even sold to another player. Naturally, this at least partially diversifies the game’s very formulaic gameplay.

Since everyone can start playing for the first time, don’t make fun of newbies who get their first drop and just don’t know what to do with it. Unfortunately, during the game, most players will simply start to laugh at the lucky newcomer, which will completely ruin the mood of the latter.

So it is better to understand in advance how to act. First, never ask the players what to do if you can’t handle ridicule and highly original humor. Of course, adequate players come across in CS, but there are more teenagers in it.

Next, you should be aware that CS:GO cases may contain unique weapons (initially unavailable for purchase) and other useful things. For the most part, they simply change the standard skin (appearance) of the “trunk” and do nothing else. But some can change the characteristics of weapons. However, you can buy such weapons completely for real money – this will speed up the opportunity to get a powerful “barrel”, but the level of adrenaline will decrease.

By the way, you can only open the case using a special key that must be bought with real money. Although it doesn’t cost much (in comparison to purchasing the case itself), it is nonetheless actual money. You need attachments to open them, otherwise, you can’t.

How to get a case in CSGO? 6 ways

Get a case in CSGO

Weapon boxes in CS:GO are a special item that is valued among users. Yes, the price is not so high, but still available. Cases can be compared to a forgotten change in your pocket when a couple of cents are missing at the checkout in a store. Therefore, the user must know how to get a case in CSGO.

The accumulated chests can be sold on the Marketplace and you can buy yourself a good coloring for weapons.

Ways to get a case in CS:GO

There are six ways to get weapon cases. The user can choose the method himself.

Fight to the death

Users who have prime status can receive cases in the game. You don’t need to do anything. It is enough to enter the “Death Fight” mode and use the “+ right” command in the developer console. The team will help create the illusion of activity, so the system does not remove the user from the match. Then you can close the game and go about your business.

Idle servers

Another easy way. You need to go to the user server and just wait for the case to fall. It is worth noting that this method is much faster because the rounds are played with reduced time.

Normal Competitive Play

This also includes only users with a prime account. You just need to play in this mode and hope that something interesting will fall after the game.


The user can use the path of least resistance. This refers to the purchase on the Steam Marketplace and third-party stores.

Third-party stores should be used with caution, for fear of scammers. If the store is trusted, then you can buy cases at a low price. On the Marketplace, it will be more expensive. The fact is that on third-party sites, users sell their cases for real money, so the price tag is reduced.


You can find a user who has a lot of cases and try to negotiate an exchange. It is worth offering coloring pages for weapons or items that the owner of the chests wants. Such users can be found right during the games, then add them as friends and negotiate a deal in private messages.

Case-opening services

Ever since Valve introduced skins for CS:GO in 2013, players have had access to various in-game cosmetic items. In the end, gamers were drawn to opening cases because their low stats gave them a chance to obtain valuable things. The boxes are free, but to unlock them, users need to buy the right keys.

Tips on how not to be scammed

Danger! A very important warning before going to any website outside of Steam: There are many websites known to be scams.

These are nothing but websites stealing your access from Steam. Hence, they also steal your belongings and valuables that you may have. Therefore, it is difficult to say which websites should be trusted. Register and use them at your own risk.

One of the tips you can use to find out about data theft is to note the moment when a website asks you to log in with your Steam account. Make sure you are in the official Steam login. Some websites can impersonate Steam without your knowledge.

So a good tip is to check the address bar to make sure the page matches the correct Steam page.

Another good tip is to check if your password saved in the browser works on this site. If your browser recognizes it as a Steam site, rest assured that you are logging in.

The player is assured to receive a skin with at least military quality when a weapon container is opened, which is its main benefit. Additionally, there is a chance to acquire pricey items like a knife or a pair of rare gloves. They could bring in money if sold.