Social Networks: Are they Important For Ranking CS: GO Case Opening Sites?

Social networks and cs go

The popularity of CS: GO case opening sites grows incredibly with the consistent appearance of new ones. Nowadays, choosing a reliable platform with a 100% guarantee of having a good play isn’t very easy. Therefore, players analyze the websites and choose only the best of the specific rankings.

Social Networks


It is easy to know about a newly appeared platform to open cases because of the targeted marketing. The website owners purchase ads to involve the targeted traffic, especially players who spend time playing CS: GO and searching for specific information. And the most convenient mechanism to popularize the website is the provision of activities on social media.

Social networks

Here you can find some arguments why social networks influence the rating of the website: 

  1. Targeted audience: everybody has at least 1 account on social networks and visits it every day. Therefore, it becomes easy to start a targeted marketing strategy or even make posts every day to create a public account attended by many users. 
  2. Reliability: web companies, which publish information about their products on social media, seem fairer than those with only websites without contact links. If there are many subscribers on the account, the chance to cooperate with an honest company grows. 
  3. Reviews: adding comments under the posts is available for everybody, and they are usually independent. Learning the experience of others helps choose a suitable website. 
  4. Influencing: due to the growing number of bloggers and popular e-sportsmen, it may be good to buy ads on their accounts. There is a high chance that somebody will notice the website and visit it. 

Social networks influence the rating of the websites to open cases and are usually decisive for the player’s choice. 

Best Social Networks and Platforms For CS: GO Case Opening Sites Rating Improvement

Social Networks For Ranking  CS: GO

Fortunately, there are plenty of platforms where website owners can make their products popular and build up a specific client base. Here you can find the list of them with the described peculiarities of each platform. 


It has been the primary platform to post CS: GO videos since the game’s appearance till Twitch grew in popularity.

The most popular topics for videos were: 

  • Skill training: bloggers shared their experience in shooting, game understanding, and grenade spread. 
  • Let’s play: the viewers found it attractive to see the other’s game and learn about CS: GO peculiarities. 
  • Esports analytics: the game experts (especially those playing Counter-Strike for more than 10 years) analyzed the skills of famous e-sportsmen and tried to predict their success in other matches. 
  • Case opening: the website holders provided a specific marketing strategy, where the bloggers visited CS: GO case opening sites and showed its reliability and good performance.

Although, each new member on YouTube can choose a unique topic for the videos and create specific content even to promote the site to open cases. 


The most popular e-sportsmen, like the players of NA’VI,, G2, have more than 500,000 subscribers on their accounts. The website holders may ask them for the collaboration, popularizing their platform. Moreover, creating a public account and adding a link on the website’s page may attract lovers of the specific content and expand the customer’s base. 


It is the most considerable platform which influences the rating of CS: GO case opening sites. Streaming is prevalent nowadays, and its influence on the community is significant. Therefore, the marketing strategy may be connected with mentioning the website’s name during the stream or placing it on a specific part of the screen. 

To Sum Up 

Overall, social networks influence the rating of the websites for case opening and often can be a decisive factor. Finding a social media account provides specific information which confirms the website’s reliability and even makes players try its services.