The Service: Drops, Mixxer, Token Quests, and Many More

Those who play CS:GO from the very beginning are not likely to be surprised by new third-party websites with drop, marketplace, and betting options. But the service obtains something interesting even for the most experienced Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gamers. Here, the happy blend of catchy events, 24/7 drops, regular upgrades, and special token quests take place.

The website welcomes newcomers with bonuses and promo codes for further tournaments like case battles. Additionally, there are special offers for those who fulfill one of two possible conditions the first time. For example, everyone can get specific war tags to purchase items of their interest by adding the icon for the Steam account or topping up the account with $5. This way access to the Daily Free options is obtained. War tags will be provided to those who fulfill other conditions of the service.

More About the Service

The above-mentioned rules seem to become a complicated and rather annoying scenario for beginners. But experienced CS:GO players state that the multilevel quests and missions motivate them to move further and double or even triple their profits. Moreover, this website obtains numerous exciting opportunities for its users:

  • Regular drops (they are grouped for the visitors’ convenience into Best Drops, 24-hour Drops, and All Drops);
  • Achievement section (all the users can level up their profiles and get perks from the service – special tokens for purchases, war tags, etc.);
  • Special events (generous rewards are available there). For example, the Chinese New Year is celebrated with token quests;
  • The Mixxer option (a so-called Russian Roulette where items in the case can be mixed for better or worse upgrades and bonuses).

It is worth noting that the list of special offers and regular options is ever-changing on the website. For example, all the users can raid agents and get more war tags for the original shop here. The same story is about the promotion for those who are unlucky with their upgrades. They get extra tags to be cheered for the next tries.

All the balance refills are also appreciated by the service with new tags. Upgraders and users who opt for Daily Free tasks also can count for this bonus. As can be mentioned before, newcomers can face some difficulties at the very beginning. But most users are satisfied with the reward system and available options here.

One more attractive option for CS:GO fans is the premium subscription. If you are going to become a standing user of this website, it is reasonable to opt for free cases and other goodies available in each of the three plans. The Silver subscriber gets access to 10 Arsenal or Origin cases each month. 

At the same time, the Golden subscription provides players with 21 cases (Arsenal, Origin, Deadline, or Absolution) and priority in customer support queues. The best subscription plan is Diamond with 33 free cases per month (including Trophy and Bonfire cases most players are hunting for). Personal customer support is an additional bonus for Diamond subscribers.

The costs for items, subscription plans, and upgrades are quite affordable here. The best drops can be seen to the left on the homepage. The supplementary option is the Wiki Item section. Here, all the website visitors can read descriptions of the skins, weapons, and other items. Additionally, all the catalog positions can be sorted according to the following parameters:

  • Exterior (Factory New, Well-Worn, Minimal Wear, etc.);
  • Price (from-to limits are available);
  • StatTrack (yes/no);
  • Rarity (from Mil-Spec to Covert Knives);
  • Weapon type (AUG, AWP, Butterfly Knife, Desert Eagle, etc.).

There are also case battles and contracts to take into account. The standing visitors of the website also pay special attention to the Achievement section. Each authorized user has the opportunity to level up as a community member. This way other people see the gamer’s status and his/her rating. Drops from top users are more reliable and scam-free. Additionally, the highest levels in the service bring more XP points and better rewards.

The Best Deals for Maximum Profit Not to Miss

There is a section of the Best Deals that many users are tracking. They can bring much profit when it comes to selling rare items from your inventory. Remember about the events and wheel tokens to get discounts and special offers from the service. 

There are Contract and Upgrade options that make CS:GO players’ progress faster and almost hassle-free. Some standing visitors of the website would like to see more news and notifications on social media accounts not to miss the freshest updates and their chances to enhance their gaming experience.

Daily Free Case

As is customary for gambling websites, this one offers a welcome bonus to users who enter a promotional code. After completing the registration process, apply the code “GLOBALCSGO” to claim the bonus and receive a free $0.30.

  • The CS:GO site also offers daily bonuses that reward users with products and account balances for frequent visits. Players must: in order to be eligible for the daily bonuses
  • A $5 top-up balance, a new Steam avatar, and a moniker are both recommended.
  • have a level 2 or higher Steam account
  • Playing CS:GO or Dota 2 for at least 12 hours 
  • The game’s profile and data must be made public

Giveaways are the last. Click the “Giveaway” button at the top of the page to go to them. One entry is awarded for each job finished, such as opening a particular case, taking part in a case battle, or sharing the link on social media. 

To boost your chances of winning the greatest skins, gather and use as many entries as you can. Each entry raises your likelihood of success. Additionally, there are timed interval prizes, and premium members can participate in more exclusive ones.

Website Features

  • Regular events to win prizes;
  • Collecting tokens for completing tasks;
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly freebies;
  • Bonuses for linking social networks.

Games Available

There are two games available on the website, both related to gambling. In Upgrade mode, players select a skin from their inventory to upgrade. They then choose the skin they want to win. The odds of winning are calculated based on the ratio of the value of the player’s skin to the value of the skin they are trying to win. This number varies between 1% and 74%. If the update is successful, the player will get the skin. If the renewal fails, he loses his skin.

Case Battle is a game played between 2 and 4 players. Players open identical cells and the player with the highest total gets all the skins. Players can create their own battles and define which fields they want to add, or they can join an already existing battle created by another player.

Payment and Withdrawal Methods

Getting started with the site is pretty easy. Users can log into the game using their Steam account. They can then fund their account using a variety of methods including Visa, MasterCard, cryptocurrency, and G2A. Deposits can also be made using gift cards such as the G2A card.

By entering the wallet card code on the website, the card will be activated and the funds will be credited to the player’s account. After the funds are deposited, you can open the cashier on the website. Simply select the checkout you want and click on it.

You can get your skins through ShadowPay. Please note that there is a withdrawal limit of $500 per day. After transferring funds to ShadowPay, you can withdraw your desired skins from the market. There are skins for all prices.

VIP: How Does It Work?

The site offers a monthly subscription system that gives you access to many benefits. As a VIP customer, you are entitled to the following bonuses:

  • Exclusive box for VIP members;
  • Tournaments for VIP participants;
  • Free billing every month;
  • Emoji on the site;
  • Special Assistant.

You can choose from 3 different offers:

  • Silver Participation in the Daily Lottery, 5 bonus cases offered – $5/MONTH;
  • Gold: Participation in a daily and weekly lottery, 10 prize cases provided – $15/MONTH;
  • Diamond Daily, Weekly & Monthly Lottery Entry, 10 Premium Cases Offered – $25/MONTH.

Is It Legit or a Scam?

Some gambling sites that accept skins are licensed. CS:GO skins sites specializing in betting and cashier skins are not regulated which has attracted some scam sites. In the case of, however, the situation is different.

It has been around for over 3 years while most scam sites measure its existence in weeks or months. Last but not least, another factor that speaks in their favor is the number of users on the site.

Literally, millions of users visit the site each month and thousands of users are currently on the platform. They have responsive customer support and the ability to remove skins on Steam also speaks in their favor.

Pros & Cons of the Service to Take into Account has many advantages. Some of the positive things we like about the site are the following:

  • The multilevel reward system that engages users to complete missions and take part in the events available in the service;
  • Almost unlimited drops that take place round the clock (users can sort them into the Best and 24-hour drops for their convenience);
  • Agents’ raids are available on this website (for more XP and leveling-up opportunities);
  • The Wiki Item option with the smart assortment of all the possible weapons and skins in the cases;
  • The available special offers for authorized players (War Tags, Wheel tokens, quests, etc.);
  • The supplementary options like the Mixxer and the Case Battle;
  • The Achievement section is available for authorized users to improve their rating in the service.
  • Several subscription plans for Premium statuses of the website users;
  • Large selection of skins and the availability of contracts where you can trade lower-value skins for higher-quality skins;
  • Bonuses including welcome bonuses and daily bonuses;
  • Multiple languages including English, Chinese, Russian, German, Spanish, and many more.

There are some cons that website visitors mention:

  • Difficulties with navigation if you are a newcomer.
  • Too many options to consider at the very beginning.
  • No 24/7 live chat support. uses a support ticket system.
  • Lacking welcome bonuses and free options to take into account.

Some users would like to have a live chat like other similar third-party websites have. But while summarizing, there are only a few weak spots that can affect visitors’ experience.


We leave this test with a good feeling. They have a well-designed website and are very good at what they do. They specialize in opening crates and the site has a wide variety. They know exactly how to communicate: active newsletters, great design, and presence on all social networks (even on Tik Tok!). In addition, it regularly holds contests where you can win free skins.

Contracts are a great feature and the upgrade game is a great way to have fun and do something with your cheap skins. For those who like to open CS:GO boxes and play with skins, this is one of the best CS:GO gambling sites. 

To sum up, is primarily a CS:GO crate opening site, but it also offers skin trading and a few games. CS:GO crates can be purchased on the site at a variety of prices – from a few cents to several hundred dollars, and lots can be less or more than the price of the crate. The site has two games, Upgrade and Case Battle, that revolve around playing for skins. also offers another feature – “Contracts”, where multiple skins of lower value are exchanged for one of higher value. Unlike some sites that accept CS:GO skins like CSGOEmpire, the site doesn’t participate in esports betting (yet).

You can sell skins you’ve earned or from crates, you’ve opened on the site. There are a number of bonuses and promotions that you can use to earn money or even a free crate on the platform. There are also tournaments every day. You can join most of them, but some are only for VIP members. You can recommend your friends and be rewarded for each entry.