Is it Possible to Make Money by Opening Cases?

Make Money by Opening Case

Many users worldwide regard CS: GO as one of the best games by Valve and spend their free time playing it. They enjoy competitive matches with consistent ranking up, having fun in various alternative modes, and even opportunities to make careers by participating in championships. However, in 2022, skins became one of the major aspects players consider launching Counter-Strike. The expensive and rare weapon designs are something the community hunts for a long time, trying to get profit from them. 

The most traditional methods to acquire skins are:

  • Opening cases in the game or on the websites.
  • Getting a drop when the game (original modes only) ends.
  • Trading in Steam or online markets.

When somebody keeps things in the inventory trying to increase their net worth, the others resell them and withdraw the money. That’s why CS: GO is a perfect method for earning and playing. And today, we’ll discover the primary profit of opening cases and understand if it’s a suitable method for making money permanently.  

Make money in CS GO

What Skins People Hunt for Making Money? 

Usually, only knives and covert and classified skins bring profit and pay off expenses on cases. In 2022, there will be a considerable amount of expensive designs that many community members desire. Let’s discover the most popular ones and determine the best custom collections to drop the skins. 


Each player dreamt about having a karambit, bayonet, flip or gut knives because of their exciting models and high price. The players respect those having new designs for knives and can even send trade offers if noticing something they want. 

In 2022, the most popular knives are: 

  • Karambit “Lore”; 
  • Butterfly “Tiger Tooth”; 
  • Talon “Fade”;
  • Stiletto “Crimson Web”;
  • Huntsman “Case Hardened”; 
  • Bowie “Doppler”. 

If acquiring a knife from opening cases, there will be 100% paying off, and the player hits the jackpot. Its price starts from $65-70, and it’s the first thing to have in a valuable inventory.


There are 6 variations of such an item, and with the first “Glove” case, there were 24 patterns. The typical collections that allow getting them are “Hydra”, “Clutch”, “Broken Fang”, and “Snakebite”. The players primarily value skins for Specialist, Moto, and Bloodhound types of gloves. 


M4A4 “Howl” and Sticker “Howl” are among the most expensive skins. Such a StatTrak skin M4A4 was once sold for more than $100,000, and the sticker costs approximately $1,500. Everyone who receives such items is a lucky person. 

Making money in CS GO is possible

Why Choosing Websites for Getting Skins? 

Earning with skins can bring short and long-term profit if choosing a correct strategy for opening cases. The skin hunter usually prefers instantly to get knives, gloves, contraband items, etc. 

Different drop probability studies discovered the following chances to get the things if unpacking boxes in CS: GO: 

  • Military special – 80%. 
  • Restricted – 15%. 
  • Classified – 3.2%
  • Covert – 0.65% 
  • Extremely rare – 0.26%. 

There is a high probability that there will be no paying off if spending $2.5 for each key and at least $40-45 for boxes. Instead of this case, opening sites offer custom sets with visible chances for each skin. Players weighed the pros and cons, and more than 50% of the community selected the alternative method – websites with various custom collections. But why did it become so popular in 2022? 

Cheaper and Easier 

The websites are created by the ordinary CS: GO players that aim to simplify algorithms for getting expensive skins. The cases on such websites have lower prices and don’t require purchasing a key. It’s usually needed to replenish the balance with a credit card or skins and only choose the preferable item set. When spending more than $3-$3.5 for a particular collection in a game, unpacking the similar one on a website may commonly cost $1.5-$2.5. 

High Chances to Pay Off 

Making a profit is possible only if getting expensive skin (usually restricted or covert). The drop probability percentage is indicated for each item when opening cases on the online platforms. The players can determine favorite items and open the boxes with the highest chances of getting them. Moreover, those who aim at making money can try “farm cases” that include only 1-2 skins for paying off. Such sets are cheap and can be unpacked for no more than $1, but if winning a jackpot, it will usually cost 20-30 times more than 1 case.

Customized Community Collections 

The specific collections on the websites usually include various item combinations that are atypical for classic boxes in the game. 

For instance, there can be: 

  • AWP case; 
  • Youtube collections; 
  • Knife-only sets. 

Such a system makes it easier to plan the skin investments correctly and choose only the most suitable sets for unpackaging. 

Upgrade Opportunities

Besides opening cases, the websites allow utilizing the unnecessary items for getting more expensive and rare ones (works similarly to CS: GO contracts). However, the players can choose the skin they want to get and see the probability of the upgrade’s risky chances.  

How to Choose the Best Case Opening Site? 

Case opening sites rating by provides an independent ranking of the best platforms. 

The most critical indicators considered for studying each website are the following: 


  • Languages. Websites with multilanguage functions allow customers worldwide to learn all the rules and conditions and understand the content. 
  • Amount of opened cases. If more cases are opened, the website is more reliable and efficient. 
  • Cryptocurrencies. Nowadays, players don’t mind paying with BTC, ETH, LTC, and other currencies. 
  • Payment. More bank systems to pay with verifying that it’s a well-optimized platform. 
  • Traffic. It shows how many users visited the website for opening cases


  • Number of collections. More collections expand the choice and make it easy to determine the most suitable. 

The case opening sites rating provides detailed information that allows choosing the most attractive platform to get a maximum chance of profitable box unpacking. 


Overall, it’s possible to earn by opening cases in 2022, and for many players, it’s the primary method for getting money. The most important aspect is building up a strategy for getting the most necessary items to pay off expenses for opening. It’s recommended to open boxes on the websites to increase the inventory’s net worth with high chances and a variety of custom collections.