Where Can I Open CS: GO Cases Profitably?

Open CS: GO Cases Profitably

Skins are an essential element of CS: GO, which attracts players and provides alternatives for traditional matchmaking. CS: GO case opening sites grew in popularity due to various events since 2014 when the first items collection were added, making our rating important.

Skins are an essential element of CS: GO

Players replaced buying keys and boxes on Steam market and attended web platforms because of the following parameters:

  • High price: the keys had a constant expense on the market of $2.5. It would be ok if there is no necessity for getting cases, which may cost more than $1-2 for new collections. CS: GO case opening sites always evaluate them lower and create more convenient and profitable conditions than Steam. 
  • Low chances: the algorithms for getting an expensive skin in the game (knife, gloves, and other extremely rare items) include lower opportunities than the websites. For instance, the probability of a knife drop is no more than 0.25%. Therefore, it is profitable to open custom collections, which indicates the chance for each item to drop. 
  • Appearance of new collections: CS: GO players divide the items sets into exciting and boring. If at least 1-2 items have beautiful designs, the community will also respect the others. The website developers constantly update custom collections, allowing getting the desired skins easier. 
  • More available functions: nowadays, extra activities, such as casinos, case battles, exchangers, are added to improve the platform’s authority and recognition among the community. 

Overall, the listed arguments are crucial for choosing websites to open CS: GO cases. However, the abundance of various platforms with different services makes choosing complicated. Therefore, the CS: GO sites’ ranking helps analyze the objective website indicators, which users usually don’t mention in the reviews. 


Why is Rating CS: GO Case Opening Sites Important? 

The first thing everybody considers is an excellent and comfortable case opening, which confirms its efficiency after some work time. The statistics represent which platform may be suitable and have enough characteristics to satisfy the CS: GO community. And it helps to choose the one from the top of the list to have a comfortable play. 


It is always a risk to donate to the new account without knowing who gets your money and if it becomes available to spend on cases. Moreover, the scammers use unique techniques, which reveal only after spending money. Even if the purchase is available, the withdrawal may be impossible. Therefore, if players at least find the platform in the ranking list, it verifies that they can open CS: GO cases on it. 


Support and Services 

There is no CS: GO case opening site, which had no performance inconveniences. It usually happens that players want to use a specific function or should get a trade offer from the bot, but it becomes impossible due to technical mistakes. If there is a client-oriented approach, and the owners think about the customers’ satisfaction, the client base will grow, and the statistics will confirm it. 


Some players prefer several activities than regular case opening and don’t mind playing casino with the others, changing skins on more expensive, or even fighting in case battles. Finding a list of website services in the ranking makes it easy to find the most suitable variant. 

Currency Localization and Payment 

It happens when plenty of custom collections and exciting drop mechanisms are not enough to get the targeted traffic. Most CS: GO case opening websites are international and build up a community from different continents. Therefore, players demand having their native currencies and several debit cards available for payments. Modern analytics considers this parameter as the most prioritized. 

Minimum and Maximum Price 

Even when the set price is lower than on the Steam market, there is a players’ financial opportunity aspect. The players usually compare the prices considering their favorite collection’s value or the cases with the highest chances of getting covert and extremely rare skins. 

5 Tips to Follow When Choosing CS: GO Case Opening Site

The experts and their experience help users avoid scammers and choose only the most reliable sites to open CS: GO cases. The most essential of them are the following:

  1. Learn the reviews: before donating money for the first case, look at what players say about their experience. The reviews should be independent and be present not only on the specific website page. 
  2. Take information from media people: the reliable, well-elaborated, and highly functional websites usually collaborate with the streamers, YouTube bloggers, e-sportsmen, etc. 
  3. Don’t donate a lot first: the essential aspect is checking the legitimacy of the resource and donating small amounts of money. Open 1 case to become convinced in the fair algorithms of the platform. 
  4. Read the withdrawal rules: to avoid difficulties in trade offers, learn about the conditions of getting items on the specific page on the website. 
  5. Choose the websites with custom collections: such item sets are created by the developers or the community. Choosing the unique sets (knife, AK-47, M4A4 cases) may have bigger chances to get the skin on a favorite item. 

Don’t forget about the statistics, which helps know what platform to cooperate with and see the objective parameters, simplifying the choice. 

The Most Popular CS: GO Cases to Open in 2022

The table below shows the number of in-game case openings from 2014 to 2022, which is the only distribution parameter. 

Name of the Collection  Number of Openings 
Clutch  78,200,000
Chroma #2  75,100,000
Spectre #2  59,600,000
Spectre  57,900,000
Breakout  54,600,000
Gamma #2  54,300,000
Phoenix  48,800,000

The general amount of opened boxes is more than 1 billion, which makes the function the most popular among the others. 

To Sum Up 

Overall, CS: GO case opening sites are a perfect and beneficial alternative to buying keys on the Steam market and spending hours in the game. But each player should choose the platform with the most suitable conditions to make the lottery attractive, exciting, and problem-free.