How to restore your Steam account if you forgot your password and have a blocked email


If you have lost access to your Steam account due to a forgotten password and a blocked email, you should follow these steps:


  1. Try to unblock your email: Before anything else, you should try your best to regain access to your blocked email account. This will usually involve going through your email provider’s account recovery process.
  2. Contact Steam Support: If regaining access to your email account isn’t possible, you’ll need to get in touch with Steam Support. Here’s how:
  • Visit the Steam Support website:
  • Click on “Help, I can’t sign in”.
  • Select “I forgot my Steam Account name or password”.
  • Click on “I’m not receiving a Steam Guard code”.
  • Then click on “Contact Steam Support”.
  • From here you can fill out a ticket and submit it. Be sure to include any potentially helpful information, like past passwords, credit card information associated with the account, any game keys you’ve used, etc. The more information you can provide to verify that you’re the rightful owner of the account, the better.
  1. Wait for a response: Steam Support should get back to you eventually, and they’ll guide you through the steps to regain access to your account.


Please note that this process may take some time, and it’s crucial to provide as much information as possible to prove that you are the rightful owner of the account. Always keep your account information safe and secure to prevent these situations.


Try to unblock your email


Unblocking your email will depend on the service provider you’re using. 


Here are general steps you can follow:


  1. Check your username and password: Make sure you are entering the correct username and password. Try to remember if you’ve recently changed your password.
  2. Use account recovery: If you’ve forgotten your password, use the “Forgot password” or “Need help” option usually provided on the sign-in page. This process often involves verifying your identity using a secondary email address or phone number.
  3. Contact your email provider: If you still can’t access your account, it might be blocked due to unusual activities such as a security breach. In this case, contact your email service provider directly and ask them to help you recover your account. They may require additional verification to confirm your identity.


Here are some more specific guidelines for popular email providers:


  • Google: Visit the Google Account Recovery page. Follow the steps there to reset your password and recover your Google account.
  • Yahoo: Go to the Yahoo Sign-in Helper page, enter your email address, and follow the instructions given to recover your account.
  • Outlook/Hotmail: Microsoft provides an account recovery form you can fill out and submit. Visit the Microsoft account recovery page and follow the steps there.


Remember to make sure your account recovery options (alternative email or phone number) are up-to-date to ensure a smoother recovery process in the future. If your email is blocked due to security reasons such as phishing or hacking, it is crucial to update your password and review your security settings after recovery.


Contact Steam Support


To contact Steam Support, follow these steps:


  1. Visit the Steam Support website:
  2. Click on “Help, I can’t sign in”.
  3. Select the problem you’re facing, such as “I forgot my Steam Account name or password”, “I’m not receiving a Steam Guard code”, or another problem if applicable.
  4. If you still can’t sign in or resolve the problem, click on “Contact Steam Support”.
  5. You’ll likely be prompted to log in to your Steam account. If you can’t do this (for example, because you’ve forgotten your password), look for a link that says “I can’t sign in”, or similar, and click that.
  6. You will then be able to fill out a ticket and submit it.

Include as much relevant information as you can. 


This might include:


  • Your account name.
  • Any email addresses you’ve associated with the account.
  • The last four digits of the credit card associated with the account, if any.
  • Any retail CD key you’ve registered to the account, if applicable.


Please note that Steam Support might take some time to respond, especially if they’re dealing with a high volume of requests. Be patient, and make sure to check your email (including your spam/junk folder) for a response.


Wait for a response


Absolutely. After you have submitted your support ticket to Steam, you need to wait for a response. The response time can vary widely based on the volume of requests they are dealing with, so it might take anywhere from a few hours to several days.


Keep these things in mind while waiting:


  1. Check your email regularly: Steam Support will respond to you via the email address you provided in the support ticket, so be sure to check it regularly, including your spam or junk folder.
  2. Do not send multiple tickets for the same issue: This could slow down the response time, as it might be considered as spam. Stick to one support ticket per issue.
  3. Be ready to provide more information: When Steam Support responds, they might request more information to verify your account ownership. Have any relevant information at hand.


Remember, regaining access to your account might take some time, but if you’ve provided enough information to verify that you’re the rightful owner, you should be able to recover your account. It’s always recommended to keep your account recovery options up-to-date to make the process smoother and quicker.


How to restore an account if it was stolen


If you believe that your account has been compromised or stolen, here are the steps you should follow to recover it:


  1. Change your password: If you still have access to your account, the first thing you should do is change your password to prevent the thief from accessing your account. Make sure to choose a strong password that is not easily guessable.
  2. Contact Steam Support:
    1. Go to the Steam support page:
    2. Click on “Help, I can’t sign in”.
    3. Choose “My account was stolen and I need help recovering it”.
    4. Follow the instructions provided, which will involve submitting a support ticket.
  3. Include any relevant information: When you contact Steam Support, include as much information as you can about your account. This could include your username, the email address associated with the account, the last four digits of your credit card number if one is associated with the account, and any CD keys that you have registered.
  4. Run a virus scan: If your account was stolen, your computer may be infected with malware. Run a virus scan to make sure your system is secure.
  5. Wait for a response from Steam Support: After you’ve submitted a support ticket, wait for a response from Steam Support. They’ll guide you through the steps needed to recover your account.


Remember to always keep your account information secure to prevent these situations from happening. Use unique, hard-to-guess passwords and keep your email account secure. Steam Guard, which provides an additional layer of security, is also a recommended feature to enable on your account.