Provably Fair Algorithm: How Can it Affect CS: GO Case Opening Website Rating?

Open CS:GO

CS: GO case opening is a lottery attended by millions of players from the tremendous worldwide community. The chances of getting rare items were always low, and the players weren’t told about their exact indicator. It is only known that only the luckiest get the extremely rare knife, gloves, or red “covert” skins, which are valued mainly by the community.

Provably Fair

When discussing the lotteries, the players always elaborately choose the suitable platform for a profitable and exciting game.

CS: GO case opening sites aim at expanding their international client bases and make their case opening services characterized with the following parameters: 

  • Fairness: the website should provide fair roulette’s spins, corresponding to the indicated drop chances. 
  • Equality: every customer should have equal chances to have the item’s drop, and the player’s loyalty shouldn’t be implemented by increasing somebody’s opportunities. 
  • High security: personal data and transaction information requires keeping safe without revealing it to others. 
  • Potential profit: the parameter that everybody wants to depend on personal luck and not be predisposed by scamming. 

Therefore, each modern CS: GO roulette or a website to open cases includes a specific fair play algorithm, Provably Fair (PF), added during the development. Why do many players consider it objective and find the PF website highly reliable? 

Provably Fair - 1

What is Provably Fair? 

It confirms that each player can become convinced that each roulette’s spin provides an unexpected result. As everybody understood, the algorithm appeared for standard online casinos first. The PF algorithm is simple in performance but theoretically complicated. Let’s define how it works and how players confirm the fairness of CS: GO case opening sites. 

Check With Hash

The method is based on representing the value chain, which has more than a million hashes. The income data starts the result generation by adding the output of the last hash number to the new one. The reverse values define the game result and what item will be dropped from CS: GO case. At the end of the game, each player can use the specific checker to compare the actual hash value with the one at the beginning to confirm the fairness of the spin. 

Provably Fair - 2

Server and Client Seed

The game’s result is defined by server seed (changed every 48 hours) and client hash (generated when entering the account) values. A specific formula explains that the game result hash equals the client hash. After the player spins, the primary seed value is revealed, and everybody can easily compare it with the previous formula to become convinced in equal playing for everybody. 

Random Value Generation 

The algorithm consists of various income elements capable of generating final random numbers. In simple words, it starts working when the operator provides a specific ID to each player, making it income data. Then the particular function value is generated, and it should be compared with the threshold value. If the generated value is lower than the maximum, it can start the number randomizing process. Each player can check the primary value and understand if the process was properly started. 

Disadvantages of Provably Fair for CS: GO Case Opening Sites 

Several specific issues may violate the perfect fairness of CS: GO case opening site.

The most objective of them are the following: 

  • Hash values are generated before the game, and the results of each next role are predisposed. 
  • The generation process is complicated with the manual getting each player’s primary client seed value (their considerable amount requires spending time).
  • The website’s banking operations may become unprofitable for the players because of a consistent change of cryptocurrency course (the PF algorithm doesn’t guarantee the financial fairness).

Each user should consider the listed rules before donating money, even on the website with the PF algorithm. 

Does Provably Fair Influences the Rating of CS: GO Case Opening Sites?

Analytics place such websites in higher positions than those that didn’t set any verification algorithms. Most sites for opening cases allow players to check any hash history and look through the data for others to verify the fairness of the play. Due to the specific ranking, probably fair websites don’t have any inconveniences with the clients and provide an equal game to each client, who came to check his luck. 

To Sum Up 

Overall, including the PF algorithm influences the CS: GO case opening site’s ranking and plays a crucial role in the customer’s choice. The automatic generation algorithms are hard to forge, and it is a decisive factor in trusting the website. And, for sure, it is recommended to open boxes on reliable platforms to avoid scammers and make the lottery attractive.