How do I get a medal for 5 years in CSGO?

medal for 5 years in CSGO

To get a 5-year medal in CSGO, you need to have owned the game for at least 5 years and played it during that time. Here are the steps to follow:


  1. Check the date when you first purchased and activated CSGO on your Steam account.
  2. Make sure you have played the game at least once every year for the past 5 years.
  3. Once you have met the requirements, the medal will automatically be added to your in-game profile.
  4. Launch CSGO and go to your profile to check if the medal has been added.


It’s worth noting that the 5-year medal is not the only anniversary medal available in CSGO. There are also 10-year, 15-year, and 20-year medals that you can earn by owning and playing the game for those respective periods.


What the medal affects


The 5-year medal in CSGO is a cosmetic reward that is purely for display purposes and does not affect your gameplay or in-game performance in any way. It is a way to showcase your commitment and loyalty to the game by demonstrating that you have been an active player for five years or more.

Having the medal displayed on your profile can be a point of pride for some players and may also indicate to other players that you have been playing the game for a long time, which could potentially earn you respect from other members of the community. However, in terms of gameplay, the medal has no impact whatsoever.


What is the most honorable medal


In CSGO, there are several medals that can be considered honorable, depending on the player’s perspective. 


Here are a few examples:


  1. Global Elite Medal: The Global Elite Medal is the highest rank in the game and can be considered one of the most honorable medals to achieve. This medal is awarded to players who have reached the highest competitive rank in the game, indicating that they are among the top players in the world.
  2. Service Medal: The Service Medal is a rare and prestigious medal that is awarded to players who have played a significant number of competitive matches and have reached high ranks. Each Service Medal signifies a year of service, so the more Service Medals a player has, the longer they have been playing and contributing to the game’s community.
  3. Operation Medal: Operation Medals are awarded to players who have completed various missions and objectives during a specific CSGO operation. These medals are only available during limited-time events and can demonstrate a player’s dedication and commitment to the game.


Ultimately, which medal is considered the most honorable is subjective and can vary depending on the player’s individual goals and achievements within the game.

Global Elite Medal
Global Elite Medal


What medal you can get in the first year of the game


In the first year of playing CSGO, players can earn the “Year One” medal by simply owning the game and playing it. The Year One medal is a commemorative medal that was added to the game in celebration of CSGO’s first anniversary in August 2013.

To receive the Year One medal, players need to have owned the game for at least one year and have played the game at least once during that time. Once these criteria are met, the medal will automatically be added to their in-game profile.


It’s worth noting that the Year One medal is purely cosmetic and does not affect gameplay in any way. However, it can be a point of pride for players who have been loyal to the game since its early days and may be seen as a symbol of their dedication to CSGO.