CS: GO Case Opening Sites Ranking Indicators. Language Optimization – an Important Parameter

Open CS: GO Cases

CS: GO case opening sites, market skin reselling, online roulette, etc., became the alternatives to regular playing matchmaking and standard modes. Due to the high popularity of expensive skins, which cost even more than $2000, devoted players demand getting them somewhere else than buying keys and cases on the Steam market. 

CS: GO Case Opening Sites Ranking

However, low chances to get the knife (usually, no more than 0,02%), and the continuously growing price of the keys, made the players prefer case opening sites and roulettes. Their abundance on the Internet makes it complicated to choose reliable ones. Therefore, ranking CS: GO case opening sites is essential to analyze which platform has better conditions for the users: 

  • Number of services: more game functions such as casino, roulettes, e-sports streaming, trading, etc., involve more customers than a mono-service platform.
  • Different payment methods: it is important to make donations available with various debit card providers. 
  • Number of item collections: players enjoy the websites with more accessible skin sets with different chances to get rare items.

The listed parameters are obligatory and are always considered by the developers. However, it is also essential to implement SEO characteristics that influence the website’s relevance and popularity among the players. Language optimization is one of the most critical, and now let’s find out why it improves competitiveness in the market.

Language Optimization: Create a Highly-Reliable International CS: GO Case Opening Site 

When a new website appears, its owner wants to make it a part of global marketing. And the first thing to do is make the content understandable to the players from different countries. Multi-language platforms are adapted for international users and play a crucial role in the company’s popularization. Language versions as a ranking indicator are also important when speaking about CS: GO sites, and help optimize the essential parameters. 

International CS: GO Case

Conversion Rate Increase

Regardless of Valve being an American company, CS: GO is famous worldwide, and that’s why players have different financial opportunities. When the person notices that he can surf the site in his native language, he is ready to cooperate, increasing the reliability level. Moreover, discovering 100% of the website functions becomes easier. And as a result, the involvement of users, which makes profitable actions and increases the conversion rate, becomes more realistic. 

Improve SEO 

Search engine algorithms define the most relevant pages to the user’s request and provide the most relevant content. It is impossible to understand all characteristics the engine mainly considers because they are regularly changed. However, it is known that Google places the multi-language websites higher than the monolingual ones because the chances of a page’s indexing increases. Moreover, the abundance of CS: GO case opening sites increases the priority of including content in several languages.

Get More Targeted Traffic 

When optimizing content in different languages, it is easy to find your website by request in the native language. The content should include the targeted multi-language keywords, which perfectly fit the content, don’t spoil the sense, and aren’t spammed. 

CS: GO Case

Overtake Competitors 

Many CS: GO platforms are locally-optimized and have only 2-3 languages. A new website can get privileges even initially if the developers consider language versions as a ranking indicator.

What Languages Are the Best for CS: GO Case Opening Sites? 

Firstly, it is crucial to understand what countries are the most involved in playing CS: GO. Due to the official statistics in 2022, the community is primarily built up by the citizens of the following countries: 

  • Russia – 11.6%. 
  • US – 10.6%.
  • Poland – 5.3%.
  • Brazil – 4.9%. 
  • Germany – 4.6%. 
  • Turkey – 4.2%. 
  • Canada – 3.1%
  • Ukraine – 2.9%.

So, adding an English version and at least 4-5 native languages of the listed countries increases the chances of international players finding the website. 

Technical Aspects of Multi-Language: What Are the Difficulties?

It is known that creating a multi-language website requires time and deep web development knowledge. Here you can learn the typical problems which the developers regularly face. 

Data Localization

Text, numbers, measuring units, etc., should correspond to the rules and conditions of the country. But speaking about CS: GO case opening sites, setting up different currencies will be enough. USD, RUB, UAH, GBP, PLN are the most necessary currencies in the player’s wallets. 


The process is capable of representing the specific content elements on the screen. During the website conversion to another language version, several mistakes can occur. The most common is mixing words in different languages. The experts recommend using the Unicode algorithm to eliminate such an issue. 

Optimizing Content on Each Page 

Using online translators may spoil the content with illogical words, which don’t suit the context. Therefore, when creating a new page, its text should be carefully optimized for each language version. It takes a lot of time but is obligatory because even a single non-optimized page may result in poor indexing and traffic loss. 

Quality of the Translation

The correctly translated content depends on working with experienced copywriters and content managers. The best decision is to hire specialists with at least upper-intermediate writing and grammar skills.

Translation of Extra Content 

For instance, the user’s reviews, an indispensable element of each website, represent the reliability and player’s experience. And that is the aspect that many players consider before using services of CS: GO case opening sites because of the growing popularity of scamming. Its and other additional content’s translations increase the reliability and authority of the platform. 

System Messages Adaption

One more critical aspect influences the user’s experience and opinion of the services. Therefore, each supporting software should be localized considering the language adaptation rules.

5 Tips to Improve Ranking of CS: GO Case Opening Sites by Language Optimization

There are efficient pieces of advice that help create a highly optimized website. The CS: GO online platform developers respected the rules below and used them in 2022. 

  1. Comfortable language-changing function. It will be best to make the language bar visible when clicking on it. It should also include the text inscription, not only the country’s flag. 
  2. Snippet in the domain. Adding a language code in the website’s domain name improves language differentiation. 
  3. Coding attributes. Use “hreflang” or “alternate” to tell the search engine about two similar pages having several language variations. 
  4. Avoid automatic translation. Translate each page manually with proper editing and use of the targeted words. 
  5. Geotargeting options. If using a top-level domain, maintain the geographic targeting in Search Console. 

Several language versions will be a crucial ranking indicator to provide the website with the best search result if following the listed rules. 

To Sum Up 

Language optimization is important for online marketing because it influences the search result and the website’s relevance. Due to the high popularity of CS: GO case opening sites, it is essential to implement several language versions to attract more customers. Their amount will continuously grow if they feel comfortable surfing the website in the language they know.