The Service: Regular Giveaways and the Best Cases to Unlock

The CS:GO is hard to imagine without cases players prefer to unlock and get the desired items. That is why more and more fans of this popular shooter are searching for profitable deals with weapons, skins, and other rewards of their interest. One of the best-matching services for this purpose is Besides quality cases and ones from other users, there are numerous special offers to consider.

The developers are very active on their social media. Here, they place promo codes, giveaways, and other curious information that can be helpful for CS:GO gamers’ progress. The website is quite user-friendly. It is easy to navigate through the action buttons and the menu hidden at the top of the homepage. The Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts welcome followers with notifications of the latest events and promotions for the community.

The Service: Briefly Described is a service for those who want to replenish their gaming arsenal on interesting terms. After the authorization on the site and transferring funds to a personal account, users can take part in drawings of useful items. Explore the available cases, choose the best option, and get a chance to add a valuable find to your inventory!

The developers of have provided easy ways to replenish the balance and withdraw prizes. You can keep the winnings for yourself or sell them back at an attractive price. The support team will help you deal with any technical issues, and regular promotions will provide a variety of benefits.


The main option of the service is drops. They can be easily sorted into several groups: Live, Profit, and Top. This way any willing player can find the best-matching deal for better progress. To get access to the users’ and quality cases together with dropping opportunities, each visitor should sign up. The authorized user can take part in promotions like battles, lotteries, and giveaways. Registration

You will have immediate access to opening cases after completing a brief registration process. Click the Steam sign-in link in the upper right corner of Clicking it will take you to the Steam website, where you can log in. To log in, enter all of your information. You will then be directed back to after finishing this. The time has come for you to start opening cases. Make your own deposit or spend the bonus sign-up money. Consider the options carefully and take your time. Do not simply begin purchasing cases. Find the skins you want and purchase the corresponding cases. To sum up, it is possible to sign up with the help of a Steam account. This way the registration process is completed almost immediately. 

Mobile Version of the Website

The website’s theme has undergone substantial mobile optimization. On top of that, you can open CS:GO cases while you’re on the go using your tablet or smartphone! There is no degradation in quality and every feature operates as intended. Nowadays, a website must be mobile-friendly due to the staggering amount of people who use mobile devices to access the internet. In any case, you can access the site using the native browser on your device to play.

Payments & Alternative Methods for Deposits and Withdrawals

For deposits, several of the most well-liked payment methods are accepted. Even if they have fewer users than some other sites, the vast majority of them can still use them. Withdrawal can be done using CSGO skins. Please be aware that if you don’t remove your skins within 31 days, they’ll be sold right away and you’ll get paid what they’re worth. Visit the store and buy the skins you wish to withdraw to withdraw them.

It is possible to choose the currency for transactions and the language to navigate the website hassle-free. According to the statistics of this service, almost 50 million cases are unlocked for now. 

Everyday Free Cases & Promos

You can view some lovely instances on the homepage. Look for the cases marked “Daily Free.” For completing a few easy chores, you can claim these cases for nothing. Adding the site’s avatar and domain name to your Steam profile are two examples of these simple chores. It is necessary to sign in via the Steam profile or mention your nickname to get the bonus. If you want some free cases, this shouldn’t be an issue. Simply click on the price ($. 0.00) to open these cases, and instructions will appear.

Speaking about the giveaways, they take place every other day. The news about these and other promotions appear on social media. For example, the latest promo code Jan19 or Feb10 brought real money for balances of 1,000 users. Additionally, there are lotteries on the websites. The type of possible reward depends on the deposit amount the player selects. For example, for each $2 topped into the account, the user gets access to the mini lottery with a limited prize pool.

The same story is with other lotteries.

The users get access to the following prize pools if:

  • The deposit is $5 – rewards for the Small Lottery;
  • The deposit is $10 – rewards for the Medium Lottery;
  • The deposit is $20 – rewards for the Big Lottery. 

There are competitions for those who deposit the biggest amounts. Additionally, there is a special rating for those who are willing to get money for their account for free. It is necessary to log in almost immediately after the promotion starts. The lucky one gets money and can enjoy a positive balance for further purchases.

Key Features to Take into Account

It is worth noting that here you can opt for the wide range of available games, quality customer support, and secure CS:GO-friendly options for your progress in the popular shooter millions of players love.

Available Games

As a case-opening website, shouldn’t offer a lot of gaming options. In some nations, such as Poland (the platform’s headquarters), where gambling and its promotion are severely forbidden by law, even the installation of a seemingly harmless gambling feature like a coinflip could lead to the site being blocked.

Case fights, skin contracts, and other supplementary game modes are available on even case-opening websites, but we don’t offer them here. The site is unfortunately restricted to this traditional case opening technique, despite the fact that it performs admirably and that we have a huge assortment of alternative cases in a range of price points.

Customer Service

Sadly, there isn’t any live chat support available right now. Among your options are contacting the team via social media or sending an email to The support team looks to be most active on Facebook, making it the best place to reach them. Although we think that a live chat feature would enhance the website, we won’t hold our breath.

Security of the Service

First, we must inform you that the site is operating without a license and without a recognized, provably fair system, which will undoubtedly turn off a lot of people. Only our personal experiences—all of which were positive—can we share with tourists. We only had one skin extraction opportunity, but it was successful right away.

Pros & Cons of the Service 

There are multiple great features to consider when it comes to this service for the CS:GO players:

    • Numerous drops. All the deals are divided into Top, Profit, and Live groups.
    • The availability of various promotions. Among them are giveaways, daily free goodies, and bonuses for the biggest deposits or completed tasks.
    • The availability of the referral program. The partners of this service get rewards for the attraction of new users and their deposits.
  • The official shop with many CS:GO items accessible to purchase at an affordable price.
  • A sound social media performance of the service. The news, promo codes, and notification about the latest special offers are shared on the Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts.
  • Instant deposits and withdrawals from the service provider. No time limits for transactions.
  • Chat customer support. Additionally, it is possible to contact managers via email (some users find this way of communication more convenient).
  • Easy registration. Steam-friendly sign-ups are available. Plus, all the confirmation and account verification procedures are fast here.

Speaking about weak spots that users mention, these cons are:

  • Lacking supplementary options like Contracts, Agent Raids, or Case Battles.
  • Freezing accounts for no reason and rather long recovery terms.
  • No 24/7 customer support. Some users wait for answers for several hours.
  • A limited number of countries where services are available. Not all CS:GO gamers can count on options. 
  • Replenishment by one method. Withdrawals and deposits are not convenient for all people who are interested in this service.

How to Get Profit Through This CS:GO Service?

If you want to maximize the profit, it is recommended to be active with deposits. The bigger amount is transferred to the balance, the more chances to hit the list of top depositors in the service. Additionally, do not miss special offers on social media. 

For example, retweets, reposts on Facebook, or stories on Instagram are asked from followers to let them take part in various competitions. Some giveaways have other rules. All the participants should like the post with the promotion and write in the comments their Steam nickname. 

Explore the section of the Best Deals. Here, the most profitable offers are usually placed. Plus, sort all the items in the shop available on the website according to the parameters of your interest (a rarity, pricing, the condition of the item, etc.). This way you will not miss weapons, skins, stickers, or anything else presented at the best-matching price for you. 

Affiliate Program for More Profit

There is a profitable deal who likes various affiliate programs. It is possible to use a unique link and attract new website visitors. It is worth noting that the partnership is available for those who have a Twitch or YouTube channel. Only these platforms are suitable for referral link sharing. As the welcome bonus is available for newcomers only after their first deposit on the website, partners get a commission from the new users’ topping-ups.

There are 6 levels for partners to consider:

  • 1 Level – up to 99 referrals. The bonus for each attracted user is $0.05;
  • 2 Level – from 100 and up to 499 referrals. The bonus for each attracted user is $0.50;
  • 3 Level – from 500 and up to 999 referrals. The bonus for each attracted user is $0.50;
  • 4 Level – from 1000 and up to 2,499 referrals. The bonus for each attracted user is $0.50;
  • 5 Level – from 2,500 and up to 4,999 referrals. The bonus for each attracted user is $0.50;
  • 6 Level – from 5,000 referrals. The bonus for each attracted user is $0.50;

Additionally, there is a bonus that depends on the referrals’ deposits (from 5% and up to 10% of the topped-up amount). 


The website can be quite entertaining and interesting. It functions properly, and you hardly ever run into any problems. The speed of the transactions makes these a significant plus. Unfortunately, it has certain drawbacks as well. 

There isn’t a system in place that can be proven to be fair. This will inspire little confidence in new players. There is presently only one game mode accessible as well. Hopefully, the company will eventually offer new games. Since there were no significant problems and the site has undergone thorough testing, it is still a recommended one. is a fairly popular and proven site for opening CS:GO cases, which has been operating since 2019. A lot of positive feedback about the speed of withdrawal of skins and the nice design. Unfortunately, there are very few methods for replenishment on the site, which will complicate a pleasant stay.