Best PCs for playing CS: GO in 2022

Playing Counter Strike

The industry of CS: GO has been attracting gamers worldwide for more than 20 years. Since the appearance of the 1.6 version, the community has watched several essential updates. The graphics were permanently on a high level, which was a primary reason for its world’s popularity. Even the old-school users rapped into the problem of purchasing the best PC for playing CS: GO when it was added to Steam in 2012. 

The game was updated several times for optimized graphics, and the developers always aimed at getting the maximum detailed icons. 

And nowadays, we can admire the indispensable and unique advantages that make gamers choose the best PCs for playing CS:GO

  • detailed map parts and the character’s icon;
  • possibility to play on “ultra” with the maximum detailing;
  • multifunctional modern menu;
  • variety of weapon observation opportunities; 
  • various screen elements with the motion effects. 

The personal computer should perform well and include improved processing and video interpretation. And now, let’s find out the best PCs for playing CS: GO in 2022 and understand what parts are must-have. 

Why is PC Crucial for Comfortable Playing CS: GO? 

Gaming computer


Every gamer constantly desired to make CS: GO equal to everybody and get it well-optimized for any PC. Unfortunately, several poor graphics settings lead to low-picture quality and having the crucial screen parts provide a terrible picture. Therefore, only the best PCs for playing CS: GO can solve this problem. 


The advantages of having excellent game performance are: 


  • Perfect details. The high graphics complemented by the big display helps notice even the most minor details on a map. 
  • Quick loading. The RAM is the essential factor in having each CS loading procedure depend on it quickly.
  • Benefits in clutch situations. The player’s reaction to an enemy depends on fps, and the pictures appear on a screen without delay.
  • No obstacles to getting maximum fun. The optimized CS: GO settings allow having all the game functions perform on a high level.


Choosing the best PCs for playing CS: GO solves the primary problems of many gamers and helps deepen the Counter-Strike world.  

What Characteristics are Necessary for PC Spare Parts? 

Building a perfect personal computer is a time-dependent process and requires knowledge of PC functions and what parts play a decisive role. Each spare part should supplement the primary requirements for playing and have the suitable characteristics for keeping fps no less than 240. 


It’s the central element for optimizing all the in-game processes. CPU determines the frames per second value, the possibilities to play in FullHD, comfortable recording screen video sessions, etc. The processor is the element that makes other spare parts perform well and maintains their functions. Therefore, the best PCs for playing CS: GO should have no less than core CPUs. Intel Core: I5-8400, I3-8100, and I7-7700k are considered the best. 


The memory should be enough to control all the necessary game processes and make it load fast. 16 GB of RAM is optimal nowadays and allows optimizing productivity by maintaining the in-game processes perfectly. Its frequency should be no less than 3000-3200, and the pro players recommend choosing DD24. 

Graphics Card

Many players consider it less important than the previous 2, but it is also necessary. The graphics card maintains the picture’s processing and displaying. The pro scene representative prefers GeForce RTX 3060 and GTX 1660 Ti. 

SSD or HDD: What’s better? 

SSD provides fast data processing, while HDD is better at durable storage. Due to having multiple processes provided simultaneously, SSD is better for the best PCs for playing CS: GO.  

Top 3 PC Assemblies

You can find the best PCs for playing CS: GO that include spare parts with the best performance characteristics in the table. Each option may be customized depending on the personal inquiries of each player. 

Assembly № CPU  Graphics Card RAM SSD/HDD
Intel Core™ i7-8700K NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 16GB HYPERPC RGB DDR4-3600 (2 x 8GB) SSD 256GB Kingston KC600
Intel® Core™ i3-12100(F) NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 16GB Kingston Fury Beast DDR4-3200 250GB HYPERPC PLUS
Intel® Core™ i5-12400(F) AMD Radeon RX 580 16GB GoodRam DDR4-3200  500GB HYPERPC PLUS

Our experts formed the assemblies that regard them as the best for playing CS: GO in 2022 and have no issues with the game performance.  

What about the Devices? 

The comfortable playing also depends on what devices the player chooses. 


Each one should be suitable and provide no inconvenient playing: 


  • Monitor. It should provide a frequency of 144 or 240 Hz – ACER Nitro 27” and Alienware AW2720HF are considered the best in 2022.
  • Mouse. It should be suitable for the hand’s size and have each button pressed properly. SteelSeries and Razer are the best manufacturers of the devices. 


  • Keyboard. It should have a suitable size, and the buttons have the depreciation for pressing hard on them. The backlight for comfortable playing in the dark is optional. Many pro players choose HypeX Alloy and Xtrfy K2-RGB. 
  • Headphones. Nothing should interrupt your listening to the enemy’s walk and getting the information from your teammates. So the experts offer to purchase HyperX Cloud II and A4Tech Bloody G501 for the best audibility. 

As we see, the devices are also essential and significantly influence the comfortable playing CS: GO. Choosing the best simplifies the approach for improving skills and becoming a professional.  

Overall, it’s necessary to have a good PC to play the game without issues. Each listed element is decisive in good game performance, a beautiful picture on the screen, and commonly spending time with pleasure. The highlighted best PCs for playing CS: GO are medium-priced and may be afforded by those who want to make the game entirely comfortable. Determine which spare parts of your personal computer worsen its work and choose the best for the replacement to have maximum fun in Counter-Strike.