Why does the CS: GO cases price vary so much?

CS:GO cases

CS:GO cases are game items that determine the potential success for most players. They look like ordinary boxes, but it is the contents that are really valuable. Cases allow you to get skins for effective weapons and knives, and various high-quality gloves. At the same time, dozens of cases are available, which can be carefully studied by visiting the specialized resources. Each case with a special set of skins is unique, so its use will be relevant for beginners and experienced players. So, what is CS: GO cases price?

Features of using cases

Opening a case requires the mandatory entry of a key. For each of them, there is a special combination. At the same time, you can buy keys in a popular game or on a special resource, having carefully studied the available options. It is important to note that obtaining expensive and especially valuable items from cases is unlikely, so such offers are not relevant for most players. The CS: GO cases price has decreased recently, so you can visit the CS:GO happy catalog and carefully study the available offers, taking into account your own needs.

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Case Benefits

The use of CS:GO cases is associated with the following significant advantages:

  • it is supposed to increase the chances of luck and a successful game with minimal financial investment;
  • manages to get additional things to increase the inventory, which is considered important for the gameplay;
  • playing CS:GO can take a long time, so getting even small prizes with the help of cases is relevant.

Features of case price formation in CS:GO

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Among the players of the legendary shooter CS:GO, the purchase of various cases is especially popular, because with the help of these boxes the probability of getting the desired skin increases. Of course, the administration of the shooter already quite rarely releases such boxes, but third-party sites are ready to assist players in finding the right case.

The choice of a website must be approached with special responsibility because it is important to take into account a large number of features and nuances. Caution is necessary because there are many scammers who want to take over the data of honest users.

The shooter has about 80 types of weapons and other related items, and there are dozens of times more skins for them. Each of the “skins” has its own value, which is determined by such characteristics as quality and rarity. Some of the skins can only be used by special forces, others are suitable only for terrorists. There are also options that all players can use.

And the cost of the case is determined by several factors of skins inside:

  • degree of rarity;
  • the presence and type of stickers;
  • StatTrak function;
  • belonging to the collection.

In the game, it’s easy to get skins of a blue tint, but gold ones – the rarest ones – don’t drop out often. Used “skins” are quite cheap, and things directly from the factory are expensive. That is, the price of a box directly depends on the quality of its contents. If the skin has the StatTrak feature, then its price will be higher than the usual options. There is a separate type of cases – capsules with stickers. Their cost depends on the type of skins.

Souvenir and contraband items will cost more than usual. As in ordinary specialized stores, new cases cannot be cheaper than old ones. That is, modern boxes in any case will be more expensive than those used in the game for a long time. Collector skins increase the cost of the case.

In most cases, weapons come across in CS:GO cases. It may not always please the user, but it all depends on many factors. Weapons that are used for boxes are classified into categories.

We can distinguish the main types that can be found in boxes, namely:

  • Hardened weapon. These skins have the worst quality of drawing, as well as a non-uniform texture.
  • Worn weapon. Unlike the previous type of skin, this weapon has a better appearance. But well-worn weapons are still far from high-quality drawings.
  • Field weapon. This skin has been field tested. It has an average appearance. It is worth noting that the texture of this weapon is much better than that of the above skins.
  • Slightly worn weapon. It is distinguished by its massive appearance. Most often, this skin has chipped paint in certain places, which gives it a special texture.
  • Factory weapons. This type of skin is distinguished by its high-quality rendering. Not every service is able to offer players this type of weapon.

There is one important fact that suggests that used weapons are especially popular among users. Very few players try to find or purchase a factory skin.

So, the cost of a case is directly related to what category of weapons it contains. That is, we can conclude: the better the skin, the higher the cost of the box. Those containers that contain rare items are quite overpriced.

If earlier the CS:GO administration provided its players with the opportunity to purchase a case right in the shooter, today they have reduced this opportunity. Users need to look for help on third-party resources. No wonder some players make money by reselling various cases that can no longer be found in the official shooter.

What can be done with CS:GO cases?

These chests allow you to perform several actions at once:

  • Open them for yourself. Chests often drop random items of various qualities (military, rare, common, etc.). The quality level of content (graffiti, skins) will help you determine the color with which it is highlighted. You can open the chest for yourself and try on rare skins for your character, thereby creating a unique look.
  • Exchange with other players. You can also exchange cases without opening them with other players or friends. This will allow you to get rarer items or exchange existing ones for newer ones that will complement your collection.
  • Sell. You can sell chests on specialized sites, this will allow you to turn your hobby into earnings. The price of a case depends on the rarity of the items it contains. To set the optimal price per case unit, pay attention to the prices of other site participants.

A unique system of cases allows you to make the gameplay varied and interesting.