Tactics for using the Molotov cocktail in CSGO

Molotov cocktail in CSGO

In CSGO, Molotov cocktails have several advantages that can be utilized strategically:


  • Area Denial: can be used to block off areas of the map, forcing enemies to either take a different route or take damage if they attempt to move through the flames. This can be particularly useful when defending a bombsite or other important area of the map.
  • Damage Over Time: can deal significant damage over time to enemies who are standing in the flames. This can be useful for weakening opponents or finishing them off if they are already low on health.
  • Flushing Out Enemies: can be used to flush out enemies who are hiding behind cover or in corners, making it easier to take them out or force them to move to a less advantageous position.
  • Psychological Advantage: the threat of a Molotov cocktail can be enough to intimidate opponents and force them to change their plans, giving you and your team a psychological advantage.


It’s important to note that the use of Molotov cocktails and any other weapon or item in CSGO should always be in accordance with the game’s rules and regulations. It’s also important to practice proper safety and responsible gaming habits.


Disadvantages of the Molotov cocktail


In CSGO, Molotov cocktails have several disadvantages that can be exploited by the opposing team:


  1. Cost: are one of the more expensive items in CSGO, costing $400 per unit. This can limit the number of Molotovs that can be purchased during a round and can impact a team’s economy.
  2. Limited Duration: only last for a limited time, usually around 7 seconds, before the flames die out. This can give opponents a window of opportunity to move through the area or reposition themselves.
  3. Limited Area of Effect: have a limited area of effect, making it possible for opponents to move around the flames or avoid them entirely.
  4. Limited Range: have a relatively short throwing range, meaning that they must be thrown from a relatively close distance. This can make it difficult to use them effectively in some situations.
  5. Vulnerability to Countermeasures: as mentioned before, Molotov cocktails can be countered by various other utility items, including smoke grenades, flashbangs, incendiary grenades, and even water. This can make them less effective or completely useless in some situations.


Molotov cocktail

Why this weapon is not available to CS:GO special forces


CSGO is a video game and does not necessarily reflect real-world weapons or tactics. The Molotov cocktail is included in the game as a gameplay mechanic and is not intended to promote or glorify the use of real-life weapons.


In terms of gameplay balance, it’s possible that the developers decided to exclude the Molotov cocktail from the arsenal of CSGO special forces for a variety of reasons, such as:


  • Game balance: the inclusion of the Molotov cocktail could potentially make the game unbalanced if it was too powerful or too weak compared to other weapons.
  • Thematic reasons: the Molotov cocktail may not fit with the theme or tone of the game, or may not be relevant to the scenarios presented in the game.
  • Legal reasons: the inclusion of real-life weapons or items in video games can sometimes raise legal or ethical concerns, and the developers may have decided to exclude the Molotov cocktail to avoid potential issues.


Ultimately, the decision to include or exclude certain weapons or items in a video game is up to the developers and is often influenced by a variety of factors, including gameplay balance, thematic concerns, and legal or ethical considerations.