What women’s teams in CSGO have achieved success

Julia "juliano" Kiran

There are several women’s teams in CSGO that have achieved success in the competitive scene. 

Here are a few notable examples:

  1. Dignitas Female: Dignitas Female is one of the most successful women’s CSGO teams, having won multiple championships, including the Intel Challenge Katowice 2019 and the DreamHack Showdown Valencia 2019.
  2. CLG Red: CLG Red is another successful women’s CSGO team, with several championship wins, including the Intel Challenge Katowice 2018 and the DreamHack Showdown Atlanta 2018.
  3. Besiktas Female: Besiktas Female has also achieved success in the women’s CSGO scene, with several championship wins, including the Intel Challenge Katowice 2017 and the WESG 2016 World Finals.
  4. Selfless Gaming Female: Selfless Gaming Female is a newer team in the women’s CSGO scene, but they have already achieved significant success, including a championship win at the DreamHack Showdown Montreal 2019.
  5. Team Secret Female: Team Secret Female is another rising team in the women’s CSGO scene, with several strong performances in recent tournaments, including a second-place finish at the Intel Challenge Katowice 2020.

It’s worth noting that while women’s CSGO teams have achieved success in their own tournaments and leagues, they still face significant barriers when it comes to competing against male teams in major events. Nevertheless, these teams continue to inspire and pave the way for more diversity and inclusivity in esports.

Famous CSGO players are girls


While there are many talented female CSGO players, there are currently no female players who are considered “famous” in the same way that male players like s1mple, device, or NiKo are.

That being said, there are several female players who have achieved notable success in the competitive scene and have gained recognition within the community. 


Some of these players include:


  1. Julia “juliano” Kiran: juliano is one of the most accomplished female CSGO players, having won multiple championships with Dignitas Female and being named the MVP of the Intel Challenge Katowice 2019.
  2. Ksenia “vilga” Klyuenkova: vilga is a former player for Besiktas Female and is known for her aggressive playstyle and clutch performances. She has also played for the mixed-gender team Gambit Youngsters.
  3. Michaela “mimimicheater” Lintrup: mimimicheater is a Danish player who has played for several female teams, including Singularity Female and Team Secret Female. She is known for her skill with the AWP sniper rifle.
  4. Christina “Potter” Chi: Potter is a former professional player who now works as a commentator and analyst for CSGO events. She has played for several teams, including CLG Red and Dignitas Female.


These players and others like them have helped to break down barriers and raise awareness of the talent and potential of female CSGO players.


Julia “juliano” Kiran since what year is she a player

Julia "juliano" Kiran

Julia “juliano” Kiran has been a professional CSGO player since at least 2013. She started playing for female teams like Wildfire and Team Acer Female before joining the legendary female team, Dignitas Female, in 2014. Since then, juliano has been a key player for Dignitas Female and has helped lead the team to multiple championship victories. She is considered one of the best female CSGO players of all time and continues to compete at a high level to this day.


What country is she from?


Julia “juliano” Kiran is from Sweden. She was born on September 10, 1996 in Stockholm, Sweden, and has represented her country in various international CSGO tournaments.