What is CS: GO Weapons Rating?

Weapons CS GO

Millions of CS: GO players enjoy the game for its various modes, beautiful graphics, and possibilities to have fun. The community enjoys spending time in matchmaking or Wingman to compete to get a higher rank or even fight in a deathmatch to improve shooting with different gun types. Nobody wants to lose and always desires to become a winner of the exciting T and CT confrontation. And that’s why CS: GO weapons rating may help choose the most suitable gun for the maximum impact for the team. 

Each weapon has its efficiency characteristics, the fundamental factor for building CS: GO weapons rating. The playing manner is different, so it’s usually hard to choose the universal one for guaranteed victory. Therefore, let’s discover the specific ranking for guns and which are the best for bringing one more round into the team’s box. 

How is the Rating Formed? 

Each weapon has unique qualities, influencing its suitability for different match cases. The pro gamers consider each parameter necessary and know whether it’s better to purchase a pistol or an SMG. 

Each gun has the following characteristics


  • Damage. It determines how many hit points the enemy will lose when hit. If the player wears armor and helmet, it may be reduced, but in some cases, even 1 headshot pierces the protection and kills (AK-47, Desert Eagle, etc.). 
  • Fire rate. The weapons fire at different rates, and the indicator shows how quickly they are shooting. In unexpected situations, the fire rate becomes decisive (clutches, 1v1 cases, short-distance shooting, etc.).
  • Recoil control. The indicator determines the simplicity of controlling the gun during the burst and automatic fire and making it hit a specific spot. 
  • Armor penetration. The low penetration indicator means that the armor saves more HP after getting shot. But if it’s high, even the helmet won’t help relieve a deadly headshot. 
  • Price. The parameter is essential because different economic situations require choosing correctly and buying a gun with maximum effect and minimum influence on the economy. 

CS: GO weapons rating accurately analyzes each gun’s potential impact and efficiency for the average player. 

The Classification for Weapons 

There are 5 groups of weapons in CS: GO, and each includes several types with unique efficiency qualities. As a rule, the users prefer the specific gun depending on the match situation and choose those they can perform well with. 

And now, we’ll describe all groups and reveal the critical factors of each. 



The type is available at the match beginning and is usually essential for determining the winner of the first 3-4 rounds. They are the cheapest, and that’s their primary advantage because even in the worst economic conditions, each team member can buy it.

There are 10 pistols in CS: GO. Some are introduced in both team’s shopping lists, while the others are available specifically for CT and T-sides. CS: GO weapons rating determined the most efficient pistols to help players correctly choose in challenging situations. 


The group includes rapid-fire guns with a considerable bullet spread. 


Players always value the key advantages of SMGs to make their purchases entirely profitable: 


  • Low price. It helps choose them at various playing strategies and creates an alternative to expensive automatic rifles. 
  • High fire rate. Low-distance confrontations are usually won by those who have an SMG. 
  • Big kill award. Each semi machine-gun except P90 provides $600 for killing the enemy. 

However, a big bullet spread and low damage require constant training for efficient playing. 



Low fire rate guns are used for farming money due to the most significant kill award in the game – $900. They are a perfect choice for everybody who prefers one-shot close kills. MAG-7 and Sawed-Off are the typical choices of the community. 

Automatic and Sniper Rifles 

Automatic and Sniper Rifles 

These guns are used for the most significant rounds and are decisive during matchmaking. AK-47 and M4A4 are indispensable for each buy-round, and everybody loves them for severe damage and armor penetration. Sniper rifle lovers prefer AWP for one-shot kills and long-distance shooting. However, the high price and proficient shooting skills are the aspects that everybody should consider when deciding what to play with during the round. 

Machine Guns

Machine Guns

Negev and M249 are used rarely because of the huge purchase price, big bullet spread, and low practicality. The community uses them for having fun during the classic and deathmatch modes but chooses the alternatives in matchmaking. 

Best Weapons in CS: GO

Overall, the CS: GO weapons rating includes 6 categories of weapons. Each is distributed due to its game practicality and unique characteristics. 


The rating provides an “S-E” degree for the guns in which E is the lowest:


  • S: the guns have maximum efficiency and are chosen in more than 80% of buy-rounds. AK-47, AWP, M4A4, and SG 553 belong to an “S” degree.
  • A: they are less practical, but they become an actual killing machine if the gamer has a high skill. Famas, AUG, Desert Eagle, etc., are A-graded.
  • B: SMGs and shotguns mainly belong to the “B” category because of their farming and low-distance killing opportunities (MAG-7, P90, UMP-45, etc.).C: the group includes different types of guns that players usually consider secondary (Five-Seven, CZ75, Negev, and others). 
  • D: USP-S, Nova, and P2000 belong to D-category due to their medium impact characteristics. 
  • E: in the category, you can find the most low-practical weapons that are rarely chosen and can’t influence the round’s result (PP-Bizon, M249, Dual Berettas). 


There is also an additional group that includes only the R8-Revolver because it is used only by a few gamers. The weapon is usually considered useless, and it’s tough to kill somebody with the revolver, so the CS: GO weapons rating placed it into a different category. 

Overall, CS: GO weapons rating represents the weapons’ grade with the highest and lowest match efficiency. However, it can’t influence the choice of the devoted CS: GO lovers who may play with a favorite one even if it’s in an E-grade. Regardless of the statistics, choosing the favorite one and improving the skill by regular training to become a match-winner is necessary.