The Probabilities of Acquiring Secret, Classified, and Special Items in CS:GO

Secret, Classified, and Special Items in CS:GO

The allure of CS:GO (Counter-Strike: Global Offensive) extends beyond its intense, team-based gameplay. Players across the globe are equally drawn to its in-game items – the weapon skins. These skins, while not offering any gameplay advantages, add a layer of personalization and prestige to your weapons. The rarest skins, classified as Secret (red skin), Classified (purple skin), and Special Items (knives and gloves), are highly sought after in the community due to their exclusivity and aesthetics. However, the chances of acquiring these valuable items remain elusive to many players. This article aims to provide insights into the probabilities of dropping these coveted items in CS:GO.


The classification of weapon skins in CS:GO is primarily based on their rarity. At the top of the hierarchy, you find Secret (red skin) and Classified (purple skin) weapons, as well as Special Items like knives and gloves. These items can be obtained through in-game purchases, trading, or as a random drop from weapon cases, which require keys to open.

Special Items in CS:GO

Classified (Purple Skin)


The Classified weapon skins are among the higher-tier items that you can receive from a weapon case in CS:GO. They are identified by their purple color code and often feature more intricate designs compared to lower-tier skins. The probability of obtaining a Classified skin from a weapon case drop is 3.20%. While this might seem relatively low, compared to the odds of obtaining the more exclusive items, it is significantly higher.


Secret (Red Skin)


Moving up the rarity scale, we find the Secret weapon skins, also known as Covert skins. Recognizable by their red color, these skins are some of the most sought-after items in CS:GO due to their rarity and typically exceptional design. The drop rate for these items is considerably lower than that of Classified skins, with a probability of 0.64%. As such, obtaining a Secret skin from a weapon case is a notable achievement for many players.


Special Items (Knives and Gloves)


The rarest and most coveted items in CS:GO are undoubtedly the Special Items, which include a variety of knives and gloves. These items are prized for their exceptional designs and the status they confer upon their owners. Given their high demand and exclusivity, the drop rate for these items is the lowest among all categories. The probability of obtaining a Special Item from a weapon case is a mere 0.26%, making it an extraordinary event when one is dropped.


It’s worth noting that these percentages represent the odds for each individual case you open. They do not stack or increase the more cases you open – each case is an independent event with the same odds.


The chances of obtaining Secret, Classified, or Special Items in CS:GO reflect their rarity and the exclusivity associated with owning them. While the probabilities may seem daunting, the thrill of the potential drop continues to captivate players worldwide, fueling the ongoing enthusiasm for this ever-popular game. Whether it’s for the excitement of opening cases, the desire to personalize your in-game experience, or the pursuit of rare collectibles, CS:GO’s weapon skin system remains a compelling component of the game’s appeal.