The Service as One of the Ways to Boost Your CS:GO Progress

Such viral games as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive brings even more joy and pleasure if the player can progress faster and hassle-free. It is possible to boost your gameplay statistics with various special-purpose services that obtain numerous perks for reckless gamers. The CS:GO shooter is notable for its cases with weapons and skins many users are dreaming of. To hunt desired items successfully, it is recommended to pay attention to the service with a range of options to take into consideration.

This is a reliable trading platform with a live chat for authorized users and giveaways available for willing guests of the website. The service offers the official stock and the opportunity for P2P contracts for everyone. All the desired items will hit the shopping cart placed in the lower right corner of the homepage. 

Take a closer look at all the available options to take into account. While having found out everything about this service, players can boost their progress and achieve more goals in CS:GO through upgraded gaming skills in the top shooter.

The Service Briefly Explained

The symbiosis of helpful features for your gaming progress boosting and reckless betting opportunities is about the service. Here, you can buy and sell CS:GO items (skins and weapons), earn rewards through placing bets, chatting, and getting gold via special offers from the website.

Games Available

Users can participate in several games on the website to earn Counter-Strike skins. It operates similarly to many other websites that offer online gambling. Players make deposits of skins, which can be converted into coins and utilized to wager on the games the website has to offer. Skins can be bought with earned coins and withdrawn afterward.

That is why true fans of eSports hang here for a long time to try their intuition and luck.

The homepage has several options for CS:GO betting:

  • Roll;
  • Plinko;
  • Crash
  • CS:GO Case Unpack.


Additionally, there is the Dice option that is more about mathematical predictions than analyzing bookmakers and top warriors in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to bet on. Nevertheless, there are many fans of this game too. A dice game is a game in which, as you probably guessed, you have to roll two dice and predict the outcome before the result is shown. This may remind you of playing dice in a casino, as they do share some of the same game concepts.

Crash is a game where you will bet and play against a multiplier that will increase, and thanks to the RNG on the site, it will randomly crash and show you a certain outcome of the game.

In the final game, called “Unpacking”, you can change skins for weapons and exchange them for more expensive options. Not all weapons need to be purchased, some will be given away for free through the “grand discovery” system, hence the name unboxing. Seems very appropriate.

Roll is a CS:GO roulette game where you will hope for the highest value result in the wheel to be the final stop when the wheel is over. Of course, this game is very simple, but the excitement and stimulus of the game are simple and effective for any player who plays on the site. recently added the ability to open boxes with counter-strike skins. You can open the box using only knives. The more expensive the skin inside the box, the higher the price will be – unlike the boxes directly in the game.

All the earned money can be spent on more CS:GO betting on the website or in the marketplace. There are two available trading markets here – for P2P deals and purchases from the CSGORoll catalogs.

Also, there is an opportunity to unlock cases through this service. Some users are fond of online case battles as well. Some great skins and other rewards take place in this section. Many visitors of the website mention the user-friendly interface and perfect navigation properties of this site. The action buttons are of a bright green color that looks contrasting with the dark theme of the website.

Features of the Site

  • Demo mode for free play;
  • 4 game modes;
  • Draws every week.


One more positive feature most users prefer is the available live chat to the left on the homepage. It is possible to ask any question here. Real people together 24/7 accessible moderators can help you with the issue. 

Nevertheless, there are complaints from some CS:GO fans that their questions need to be solved for longer. For example, the inventory can be out of the user’s access or some requests stay frozen without any explanation.

Site Design

The site itself is very fresh and carefully thought out. Its design is designed to showcase animation in a fun and playful way. What could be better than immersing yourself in the atmosphere of gambling from the very moment you enter the site?

The color scheme is also completely dark, which further emphasizes all the graphic and animation features. It was a very smart decision to make sure the theme and color palette fit together as well as you see it today. All icons are highlighted to make sure you don’t miss anything – from the live chat feature to deposit and withdrawal methods. All of this is very cleverly placed to provide the best possible navigation for your experience.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods

Funding an account and withdrawing skins is usually easy and simple. All this makes the platform a legitimate skin-betting site.

You can deposit money in various ways:

  • Cryptocurrency Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin;
  • Bank card Visa, Mastercard;
  • Counter-Strike or Dota 2 skins;
  • Virtual Wallet: Skrill or Neteller.

The withdrawal methods are the same.


The site operates a system of proven fairness, which means that all games are safe and created with the highest level of security provided to you while playing. There is no possibility of cheating in the game, and there are no circumstances under which games will be rigged to an unfair advantage.

Customer Support

The customer support that is currently available on the site is a live chat based on Central European Time. From 10 am to 10 pm, players can use these 12 hours to make sure they can report their problems with the site or any difficulties they may have. In addition, players can use e-mail, which can be used when the chat is not active.

Safety and Regulation

As our experience shows, this casino is by no means a “fish”. Rather, it has been extremely successful in the fledgling industry for several years and is one of the most well-known addresses on the market. This can be judged, for example, by the fact that almost 1,000 players are regularly active at the same time and take advantage of the offer. If it weren’t for a provider with a good reputation, such a large audience would certainly be unthinkable. 

At the same time, the casino provides another reason to be happy, because all the games in the portfolio have proven to be fair. This means that you cannot be afraid of scams, since all decisions are always made based on correct mathematical calculations. The bottom line is that this is the best proof that it works seriously and with dignity.

Pros & Cons of the Service

It is worth noting that there are more positive features to take into consideration than weak spots. Among the pros of this CS:GO-driven service are:

User-friendly interface and convenient navigation properties:

  • Live chat with 24/7 customer support;
  • Easy registration and fast log-in procedure;
  • Excellent game animation;
  • Free registration bonus and daily free promotions;
  • Various betting options (Roll, Plinko, Dice, Crash);
  • The opportunity to unlock cases here and take part in the case battle;
  • The marketplace with different items including top weapons and rare skins;
  • The possibility to sort all the items according to their specifications (the instance, pricing, assortment types – prices from high to low, etc.);
  • The available referral program (users can invite friends and get up to 10% from their deposits);
  • The opportunity to participate in battles and create their own duels.


Speaking about cons, they take place too.

But not all website visitors and standing users of this CS:GO service agree with them:

  • Poor customer support – moderators in the live chat can provide zero reactions to complaints;
  • All withdrawals via CS:GO skins;
  • Possible frozen inventory lots, battle tickets, etc.
  • There is a risk to have limited withdrawals of skins and earned money through betting.


To summarize, it is better to find out more about the terms and conditions of this service to be objective with the UX rating. Your experience can depend on personal expectations and demands. Nevertheless, there are many options to try including case unlocking, betting, and P2P deals to sell or buy any item of your interest.

How to Make Money on This and Similar Websites?

You can try numerous options accessible on the CSGORoll website. Do not be limited to CS:GO betting only. It is possible to sell some of your items at an attractive price through P2P deals. One of the best ways to find clients is to announce your lot in the live chat. It is possible to attract the attention of more website visitors.

If you are fond of eSports, try bookmaker’s options and win money through bets on tournaments, teams, and individual players. But for great earnings, you need to have analytical skills and keep track of CS:GO news. For ones who would like to try their luck, it is better to play Dice here.

How to Get Free Cases?

The first way to get free coins is to take advantage of their welcome bonus. New users of the site can receive a bonus after registration by entering a promo code.

To claim your welcome bonus, go to the website. In the top menu, there will be a “FREE BOX” tab. A pop-up window will appear and ask you to enter a code. You enter the code and click on the “Claim 3 boxes” button. You will receive 3 gifts offered by the site, ranging from a few coins to a dragon legend for the lucky ones. You can only use it once. Otherwise, a message will appear: “You have already used a referral code.”

Also, contests are regularly held to win skins by drawing lots. You have a level system. For every level you win, you get free boxes, the more you play, the more boxes you get.

Referral Program

One more excellent opportunity is to take part in the CSGORoll referral program. It is possible to invite friends and pretend on 5-10% of their deposits. If the user has many followers on social media accounts and can engage many people to deposit here, it is possible to make good money.

More Deals

Additionally, everyone has an opportunity to earn exclusive skins and rare weapons that cost much. Offer the best price to get the maximum profit. This way many users earn a lot of money. While trading wisely, it is possible even to have a profitable deal from nothing. 

Purchase CS:GO items at a discount but sell at the market price tag. Do not miss profitable giveaways and special offers. Usually, all the authorized users get notifications about them. You should keep track of these promos to get profit.

Conclusion is a popular CS:GO skin online gambling platform that was relaunched in 2020 with updated graphics and new games. It originally launched in 2016 but was forced to shut down due to the Steam Restriction on CS:GO skin deals.

One of the key features of is a secure player-to-player (P2P) deposit and skins withdrawal system. It is also known for its transparent and fair evidence-based defense system and high-quality games. The casino was able to perform well in our test and does not allow any thought of fraud or robbery. 

Instead, there’s a ton of entertainment on offer at all times, even if the portfolio might be a little more varied. In fact, real moments of criticism can not be found. Instead, the Provable Fairness procedure emphasizes that it works in earnest. Here, customers are always in safe hands and can be aware of the correctness of each round of the session available on the website.