Tactics for playing with the P90

Tactics P90

The P90 is a popular submachine gun in first-person shooter games, known for its high rate of fire and large magazine capacity. 


Here are some tactics you can use when playing with the P90:


  1. Use it for close-range engagements: The P90 excels at close-range encounters due to its high rate of fire and low recoil. Use it to clear rooms, engage in tight corners, or flank enemies.
  2. Stay mobile: The P90 is a lightweight weapon that allows you to move quickly. Take advantage of this by strafing, jumping, and sliding to make it harder for enemies to hit you while you close in for the kill.
  3. Control the recoil: The P90 has a relatively low recoil compared to other submachine guns, but it can still be challenging to control at longer ranges. Practice bursting or tapping the trigger to maintain accuracy.
  4. Use the large magazine size to your advantage: The P90 has a 50-round magazine, which means you can suppress enemies for longer periods without having to reload. This can be particularly useful when playing defensively or when engaging multiple enemies at once.
  5. Be mindful of your positioning: The P90’s effectiveness drops off rapidly at longer ranges, so it’s essential to position yourself in areas where you can engage enemies at close to medium range. Try to avoid open areas and use cover to your advantage.
  6. Be aggressive: The P90 is a great weapon for aggressive playstyles. Take advantage of its mobility and high rate of fire to push into enemy territory and take control of the map.


At what distance to use the P90


The P90 is most effective at close to medium range engagements, typically up to around 50 meters. Beyond that distance, the P90’s damage and accuracy begin to drop off, making it less effective against targets. Therefore, it’s best to use the P90 in close quarters combat situations, such as when clearing buildings or engaging in tight spaces. You can also use the P90 for flanking maneuvers, where you can get up close to enemies and take them by surprise. However, when engaging enemies at longer ranges, it’s generally better to switch to a weapon with higher accuracy and damage, such as an assault rifle or sniper rifle.