How to shoot with M4A1(S) in CS:GO

M4A1(S) in CS:GO

Shooting with the M4A1-S in CS:GO is an essential skill that every player should master to be successful in the game. 


Here are the steps to shoot with the M4A1-S in CS:GO:


  1. Aim at your target: Use your crosshair to aim at your target. The crosshair will show you where your bullets will land.
  2. Control your recoil: As you fire the M4A1-S, the recoil will cause your crosshair to move up and to the side. To control the recoil, pull your mouse down slightly to counteract the upward movement of the crosshair.
  3. Tap or burst fire: If you are shooting at long range, tap the mouse button to fire single shots. This will help you maintain accuracy and control your recoil. If you are shooting at medium range, use burst fire (2-3 shots at a time) to increase your accuracy and damage output.
  4. Full auto: When you are in close range combat, you can use full-auto fire. However, you need to be aware that the recoil is significant and can cause your shots to become inaccurate.
  5. Move and shoot: Try not to move while shooting, as this will affect your accuracy. If you need to move, do it before or after firing your weapon.
  6. Reload: Always reload your weapon when you have the chance. The M4A1-S has a limited magazine capacity, so it’s important to keep it topped up.


Remember, practice makes perfect. Try to find a comfortable sensitivity and practice your aim and recoil control in Deathmatch or Aim maps to improve your shooting skills.

Specifications of the M4A1(S)

What are the specifications of the M4A1(S)


The M4A1-S is a weapon in the first-person shooter game Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). 

Here are its specifications:


  • Weapon type: Assault Rifle
  • Ammo capacity: 20/40 rounds (standard), 30/60 rounds (with Extended Magazine)
  • Rate of fire: 600 rounds per minute
  • Damage: 33 (chest and stomach), 84 (head), 24 (legs and arms)
  • Recoil: Moderate
  • Reload time: 3 seconds (standard), 3.5 seconds (with Extended Magazine)
  • Movement speed: 220 units per second (maximum)
  • Price: $3,100 (in-game economy)
  • Available to: Counter-Terrorist team only


The M4A1-S is a silenced version of the M4A4 assault rifle, which means that it produces less noise when fired and doesn’t reveal the shooter’s location as easily. It’s a highly versatile weapon that can be used effectively in both close and long-range combat, making it a popular choice for many players.


M4A1(S) how effective in the game CSGO


The M4A1-S is a highly effective weapon in CS:GO due to its high accuracy, moderate recoil, and versatility in combat situations. 


Here are some reasons why the M4A1-S is a popular choice among players:


  1. Accuracy: The M4A1-S has high accuracy, especially when using single shots or burst fire. This makes it ideal for taking out enemies at medium to long ranges.
  2. Silencer: The M4A1-S comes equipped with a silencer, which reduces the noise when fired and minimizes the muzzle flash. This makes it harder for enemies to locate the shooter, giving players an advantage in certain situations.
  3. Moderate recoil: The M4A1-S has moderate recoil, which is easy to control with practice. This allows players to land more shots on their target without losing accuracy.
  4. Versatility: The M4A1-S is a versatile weapon that can be used effectively in both defensive and offensive situations. It’s a popular choice among players in both competitive and casual play.
  5. Headshot damage: The M4A1-S can deal significant damage with a headshot, taking down enemies with one shot. This makes it a deadly weapon in the hands of skilled players.


Overall, the M4A1-S is a highly effective weapon in CS:GO that can be used to great effect in a variety of situations. It’s a favorite among many players due to its accuracy, versatility, and ease of use.