CSGOLive.com: is it worth playing


CSGOLive.com is a site for opening virtual cases filled with weapon skins from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) . It was the first case-opening site to allow players to create their own cases, allowing them to choose which skins they want to include and determine the drop rate of each item. This unique feature allows members of the CSGOLive community to either create their own cases or open cases created by others, which is not common on other case-opening sites.

The company has been operating since 2016 and has a good reputation, however, there have been no recent updates to its website. CSGOLive.com has about 500,000 monthly visits, according to SimilarWeb data. Operated by the same team as the popular CSGO gambling site, WTFSkins All games played on the platform can be verified using their evidence-fair system

The site operates over a secure SSL-encrypted connection, as you can see by looking at the padlock icon on the left side of the address bar. This means your connection is secure.

A Brief Overview of the CSGOLive.com Offer


Even if you look at the lobby, you will notice that the casino portfolio has a lot to offer. Various games are offered here, all of which are already listed on the start page. It is also possible to call up the titles using the “Games” button, which is located on the panel at the top of the screen. Special attention in the offer is given to scratch cards and roulette, which are usually also best accepted by players. In addition, two equally interesting games are available, such as Crash and Revolver. “Sweeper” may be familiar to many players, as a similar version can be found on Windows computers called “Minesweeper”. Other games offered are Black Jack, Dice, and Coin Toss. However, the provider’s portfolio consists of more than just games. In addition, here you can bet on various matches, which can also be used to improve the balance of your own account. Users can find out at any time which duels are available here on the main page.

If players have made good profits in games, they can be redeemed from the Marketplace without any additional problems. Here you can find many packs filled with one or more skins. How many points are needed for individual packages is of course always clearly available. In addition, players can also use the search function or various filters to find certain skins even faster.

Deposit: you can start with €0.50

Users can use a variety of payment methods to deposit an amount into a player’s account. The provider transparently shows at the checkout at any time which of them are available in his country. It’s the same with tariffs. However, according to our CSGO Live experience, players should still consider that a minimum of €0.50 is required to deposit into an account. Higher amounts are of course possible at any time, after all, this limit is extremely low. This is good news, especially for beginners, because you don’t have to pay too much to participate.

P2P exchanges

The choice for CS:GO fans in the field of specialty casinos is now huge. Numerous providers provide their users with an interesting portfolio and thus ensure that really expensive CS:GO skins can quickly become available. But not only that, because vendors like CSGOLive also offer weapons and different packs. First of all, there is a lot of excitement here, because according to our experience with CSGO Live, the provider has a lot of interesting games in its assortment. Whether it’s an address with a good reputation, or players should be afraid of being robbed. We will take a closer look below.

How to use the CSGO Live affiliate code?

Step 1. Sign up for Steam at csgolive.com

Step 2. After that, click “Partners” in the right menu.

Step 3. Enter your “csgoroute” code in the “Affiliate Code:” field and click “Claim” for free site balance from $0.02 to $50.

CSGOLive does what it promises and acts like a real casino. Players can choose between different games and, of course, win real prizes. The credit received is then used in the market to buy new interesting skins. In addition, according to our experience in CS:GO casinos, it is possible to collect free coins to play. For this, various requirements must be met, but of course, they are kept at a simple level. Chat is also extremely helpful for a sense of community. Here players can exchange ideas with other users. However, the entire website, including the chat, is currently only available in English.

Ease of use: orientation shouldn’t be a problem

A slight disadvantage for some players may be the language of the website because compared to other providers, the offer is currently only available in English. However, this does not really cause many problems, because most of the terms must also be known in Germany. There is a small symbol next to each menu item, which also makes it a bit easier to navigate. The various menu items on the bar at the top of the screen should also be highlighted positively. All the most important areas are listed here, so you can easily switch between them. In general, the offer is easy to control, which is why we appreciate its usability.

Conclusion: CSGOLive – Lots of Winning Opportunities

In some CS: GO casinos, the choice is often not so good. It’s nice that with CSGO Live the exact opposite still exists. Here, each player can choose one of the many games, each of which has proven its honesty. Here, no customer is at a disadvantage, but all users are treated equally and fairly. As for the offer, the chat that encourages sharing with other users is top-notch. According to our CSGO Live experience, newcomers are also particularly interested in the fact that payments to the account are possible from 0.50 euros. Since free play credit can also be deposited, deposits are often not required. On the whole, the proposal made a very good impression and led to a positive overall conclusion.