CS:GO Leaderbords: how to use in statistics?

CS:GO Leaderbord

The competitive mode is one of the reasons why such game disciplines as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive still have a huge audience of active players and developing CS:GO leaderboards. If we discard eSports competitions, then the main competitiveness of the game is the rating mode.

In the long run, a player’s rank and place in CS:GO leaderboards is a measure of the quality of the game. The principle of the ranking system is quite simple: the more a gamer wins, the higher his rank in the end. Rank is a generalized characteristic. A regular increase in rank indicates an improvement in the player’s skill. However, in order to constantly progress, you need to watch match replays and study game statistics. For example, when studying statistics, the player will be able to notice that he dies more than the situation requires.

How to find out the statistics of another player?

To find out the statistics of a player online in CS:GO, we recommend using stat resources. To find a specific gamer, you need to know his Steam nickname or Steam ID number. Please note that the player you are going to view must have the “public match history” function activated.

Statistics of another player

How to view the statistics of your personal profile CS:GO?

If you want to know how to view detailed profile statistics in CS:GO, then you will have to use Steam’s internal tools or use third-party resources to view statistics. We draw your attention to safety. Do not go to suspicious or less popular sites, as there is a high probability that this is a phishing site, the purpose of which is to take over your Steam account.

Simple ways to view statistics in CS:GO

On your Steam profile:

  • Launch the Steam client.
  • Go to the main profile page.
  • Select the “games” item and click on the “personal statistics” button.
  • From the list of available games, select Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Via csgo-stats.com:

  • Sign in to csgo-stats.com.
  • Log in with Steam.
  • Your statistics are available on the main screen.

Additionally, the gamer will see completed achievements. If you wish, you can share your profile through social networks.

On escharts.com:

  • Go to escharts.com.
  • Log in through Steam.
  • Views statistics.
  • When you enter a friend’s nickname, you get access to his match history.

The site provides information about actions in matches, and statistics of players by rank (win rate, KDA, etc.), as well as in the “Tournaments” tab, gamers can get acquainted with the results of professional games. When entering a match ID, you will be able to see data for a particular match.

Can I get banned for using third-party statistics counters?

Viewing statistics is not a tool that gives the player an advantage over other gamers, so it is impossible to get a ban for simply studying statistics.

Do I need to pay money to view statistics?

All popular resources for viewing statistics in Counter-Strike:Global Offensive are absolutely free. Sites that require money to view personal statistics are most likely scammers who want to get their hands on personal Steam profile data.


Personal profile statistics in CS:GO is useful information that, in capable hands, turns into a ready-made report on gaming success. Based on this data, the gamer has the opportunity to start improving, because he will know in which game element he needs to train.