CSGO cases: why and how?

CSGO cases

In CS:GO, weapon csgo cases are dropped. But recovering items is pure luck and is hotly debated among users. Especially when it comes to buying the crates for this purpose because you usually lose money in the process.

All CSGO cases can contain valuable items that can be sold for a lot of money. For example, the Shattered Web box contains one of the most beautiful features of all weapon skins in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Interestingly, most of the crates have a chance of dropping an extremely rare catch – a knife skin. And knives can be very valuable.

The cost increases when there are fewer boxes available. That does not necessarily imply that it is the optimal scenario, though. In CS:GO, the best crates are ones that have an ever-rising value. Therefore, it makes sense to buy the cheapest crates with the most in-demand products because their value will rise the most over the long term (1–1.5 years), or the priciest crates with the best skins because their value will rise the fastest. But to do this, the incidence of instances must decline. (On the Steam market, it is recommended to investigate how many costs are listed here in the description.)

Important info about CSGO cases

about CSGO cases

Weapon crates are one of the virtual containers that are available in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Weapon crates provide weapon skins as a drop. After each game, there is a chance for you to receive a weapon crate. You need to play on a server that is protected by VAC in order to do this.

Weapon crates are in three different colors: 

  • black,
  • eSports, 
  • and yellow.

Skins created by Valve Designers are found in Black Weapon Crates and require a standard CS:GO key.

The difference between eSports crates and regular crates is that a portion of the money made from buying eSports keys is used to promote CSGO gaming events like tournaments.

The skins in yellow CS:GO boxes were created by the community. According to the crate’s description, you need a corresponding key, which you may get from the Steam Community Market.

What is available in the top CS:GO boxes?

There is a list of every potential weapon skin in every CS:GO crate. The rarity of a weapon determines how likely it is to be obtained as a skin. Up until Valve made the decision to enter the Chinese market, the drop rates were kept a secret. Under Chinese legislation, gambling is not permitted unless precise statistical data about the society is made public. This essentially compelled Valve to provide the probability for each item kind.

Cases drop chances and their likelihood

No probability rates for weapon attrition levels have been published. These are also subject to the random principle.

In addition, the boxes differ according to their drop frequency. That also determines their price. Some are dropped very frequently, some only during certain operations – which makes both the box and its items correspondingly more expensive.

Just considering how low the drop rates for better items are, opening a CSGO crate doesn’t look like a profitable option. So if you’re looking for a specific item, buying it directly from the Steam Market might be a better option for you.

Open weapon boxes or buy skins directly?

This issue is unanswered. On the one hand, a lot of people oppose the opening of the containers and voice their viewpoints whenever possible. Every time, they’ll tell you to purchase your skins directly from the Steam Market, and if you don’t have any spare cash, to trade your way up to a skin. Even though it can take you up to a year to finally loot a pricey skin, it is not impossible, and you can learn a lot about CS:GO skin trade in the process.

The proponents of purchasing and opening the crates, who believe that this is the greatest way to obtain valuable stuff, are on the other side of the debate. Even if it’s very impossible to obtain a StatTrak USP-S | Neo-Noir, M4A4 | Getting The Emperor, or AK-47 | Neon Rider, you can still strike it fortunate and recover all of your investment. Keep in mind, however, that this route is pricey and that you must pay a lot of money upfront before you can return to the AWP Site. Examples include purchasing Dragon Lore from the Cobblestone souvenir package or a certain knife from the Chroma Case.

Are you unsure about which box contains various skins?

Be at ease. There are numerous websites available for use. There, you can read in-depth descriptions of the products that will be in each box as well as their prices.

Additionally, you can access one of the analytics websites, which are typically linked to a third party and contain a wealth of useful data, such as the wear level of the skins that interest you that are currently available, the time of the most recent Steam trade, and the overall price trend over the past three months, six months, or even a year. When you’re looking for skins to buy, the trending option can be extremely useful.

Where can I sell cases for CS:GO?

When you choose to invest your money in weapon crates, you must be prepared for goods that are both inexpensive and unwanted to end up in your inventory. Particularly if they are similar or in the same state of wear, there is generally little purpose in stacking them up and keeping them for an extended period of time. So why not sell them and use the proceeds to buy a new crate hunt?

To sell skins from the best CS:GO weapon crates, start by making your Steam inventory public. Sign in to the websites of each dealer, enter your URL, and choose the skins you want to sell.