Who invented and organized CS:GO tours

ESL (Electronic Sports League)

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO) tours and tournaments are organized by various entities, but the game itself was developed by Valve Corporation. CS:GO is a first-person shooter video game and is the fourth game in the Counter-Strike series.


As for the organization of tours and tournaments, there are several companies and organizations involved, including:


  • ESL (Electronic Sports League):  is one of the oldest and most prominent esports organizations that organizes various CS:GO events, including the ESL Pro League and ESL One tournaments.
  • DreamHack:  is another renowned organizer of gaming festivals and esports tournaments, including CS:GO events like DreamHack Masters.
  • Blast Pro Series: organization runs the BLAST Pro Series, a global tournament series featuring top CS:GO teams.
  • PGL (Professional Gamers League):  is an esports event organizer that hosts CS:GO majors and other prestigious tournaments.
  • FACEIT:  is a platform that offers competitive gaming services and also runs CS:GO events like the FACEIT Major.
  • ELEAGUE:  is a collaboration between Turner Broadcasting System and IMG and has hosted CS:GO tournaments in the past.


These organizations, along with others, have been instrumental in shaping the CS:GO competitive scene, organizing tours, and contributing to the growth of CS:GO as a major esport.


ESL (Electronic Sports League)


Apologies for any confusion earlier. Let me clarify the role of ESL (Electronic Sports League) in the context of CS:GO tours and tournaments.

ESL, also known as the Electronic Sports League, is one of the most prominent and influential esports organizations globally. They have been at the forefront of organizing esports tournaments, including those for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). ESL has played a pivotal role in shaping the competitive CS:GO scene and has been responsible for hosting various high-profile CS:GO events.


Some of the major CS:GO tournaments organized by ESL include:


  • ESL Pro League: This is one of the most prestigious CS:GO leagues, featuring top teams from around the world competing in seasonal online and offline competitions.
  • ESL One: ESL One is a series of international CS:GO tournaments held in various locations, featuring top teams battling for significant prize pools.
  • Intel Extreme Masters (IEM): IEM is a series of global esports events, with CS:GO being one of the prominent titles featured in these tournaments.


ESL’s commitment to organizing quality events and providing a platform for players to showcase their skills has been instrumental in the growth of CS:GO as a major esports title. Their tournaments attract millions of viewers and have contributed significantly to the competitive success of the game.


Blast Pro Series


Blast Pro Series is another significant esports tournament organizer that has made a notable impact on the CS:GO competitive scene. It is a global tournament series that features some of the best CS:GO teams competing in various cities around the world.


Here are some key features of the Blast Pro Series tournaments:


  • Format: Blast Pro Series events typically follow a unique and fast-paced format. The tournament features a compact schedule, with all participating teams playing a set number of matches in the group stage, leading to a grand final. The format is designed to create an exciting and intense experience for both players and viewers.
  • Invitational Format: Blast Pro Series events are often invitation-based, meaning the organizers invite top-tier CS:GO teams to compete in their tournaments. This allows them to bring together some of the best teams in the world, ensuring high-quality competition.
  • Global Locations: Blast Pro Series events are held in different cities worldwide, which contributes to their global appeal. The tournaments have taken place in various countries, providing fans from different regions with the opportunity to attend live events.
  • Entertainment and Production Value: Blast Pro Series events are known for their focus on entertainment and production value. They often include additional showmatches, special segments, and engaging content for the audience, making the tournaments entertaining beyond just the matches themselves.


Blast Pro Series has gained popularity for its innovative approach to organizing tournaments and has successfully created a unique brand in the CS:GO esports landscape. While ESL remains a major organizer with a more extensive history in the esports scene, Blast Pro Series has carved its niche and contributed to the growth and diversification of competitive CS:GO events.


PGL (Professional Gamers League)


There is a well-known esports event organizer called “PGL” (short for Pro Gaming League), which has been involved in hosting various esports tournaments, including some notable CS:GO events. PGL is not an organization specifically focused on professional gamers, but rather a prominent event organizer in the esports industry.


PGL has organized CS:GO tournaments, including several CS:GO Majors. The “Major” tournaments are among the most prestigious events in the CS:GO competitive circuit, where top teams from around the world compete for significant prize pools and the title of CS:GO Major Champion.


PGL’s involvement in organizing Major tournaments has contributed to their reputation as a respected and reliable event organizer within the CS:GO community. Their attention to production quality and tournament management has made them a recognizable name in the esports scene.




FACEIT (Federazione Italiana Gioco Elettronico Circuit) is a leading online competitive gaming platform and esports organizer. It was founded in 2012 and has since become one of the most prominent platforms for competitive gaming across various titles, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).


Here are some key aspects of FACEIT:


  • Online Competitive Platform:  provides an online platform where players can compete in various esports and competitive gaming titles. It offers matchmaking services, tournaments, leagues, and ladders for players of all skill levels.
  • CS:GO Tournaments:  is known for hosting CS:GO tournaments, ranging from small community competitions to larger-scale events. They organize various leagues and cups, allowing players and teams to compete and progress through different levels of competition.
  • FACEIT Major:  hosted the 13th CS:GO Major Championship, which took place in London in 2018. The FACEIT Major is one of the most prestigious events in the CS:GO competitive scene, attracting top teams from around the world.
  • Esports Ecosystem:  plays a crucial role in the esports ecosystem, providing players with a platform to compete, improve their skills, and potentially transition to professional gaming careers.
  • Anti-Cheat System: to maintain fair and competitive gameplay, FACEIT employs its own anti-cheat software called “FACEIT Anti-Cheat” to detect and prevent cheating in their matches.
  • Community-Driven Approach: places emphasis on building a strong community of players and organizers, fostering a positive environment for competitive gaming.


The platform has gained popularity among players, teams, and tournament organizers alike due to its user-friendly interface, competitive structure, and focus on delivering a quality gaming experience. FACEIT continues to be a significant player in the esports industry and a key organizer in the CS:GO competitive circuit.




ELEAGUE is an esports organization and television series that was established as a collaboration between Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) and IMG in 2016. ELEAGUE quickly became a prominent figure in the esports world and has played a crucial role in promoting and broadcasting various esports titles, including Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO).


Here are some key points about ELEAGUE:


  • TV Broadcast and Online Streaming  is unique in that it not only focuses on online streaming but also has a significant presence on television. TBS airs ELEAGUE’s esports content, bringing competitive gaming to a wider audience on traditional television platforms.
  • CS:GO Tournaments:  has hosted several high-profile CS:GO tournaments, including the ELEAGUE Major, which is a prestigious CS:GO Major Championship. The ELEAGUE Major has featured top teams from around the world competing for the title and a significant prize pool.
  • Format and Production:  tournaments are known for their high production value, engaging content, and innovative formats. They often feature behind-the-scenes coverage, player interviews, and unique storytelling elements, making the broadcasts entertaining for both esports enthusiasts and newcomers.
  • Diversity in Games: while ELEAGUE has a strong focus on CS:GO, the organization has also expanded into other esports titles, such as Street Fighter V, Rocket League, Dota 2, and more.
  • Influential Partnerships:  has partnered with various game publishers, esports organizations, and brands to host tournaments and create compelling esports content.
  • Impact on Esports:  televised broadcasts have contributed significantly to the mainstream exposure of esports, helping to bridge the gap between gaming communities and the wider public.


ELEAGUE’s commitment to producing top-quality esports events and its strategic partnership with Turner Broadcasting System have solidified its position as a prominent player in the esports industry. Its efforts in promoting competitive gaming on both online platforms and television have been widely recognized and appreciated within the gaming community.


DreamHack Masters

DreamHack Masters

DreamHack Masters is a series of premier esports tournaments organized by DreamHack, one of the largest and most well-known event organizers in the gaming industry. DreamHack has been hosting gaming festivals and esports tournaments since 1994, and DreamHack Masters is one of their flagship CS:GO events.


Key features of DreamHack Masters tournaments include:


  • CS:GO Focus: DreamHack Masters primarily centers around Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO). The tournaments feature top-tier CS:GO teams from around the world competing for significant prize pools and the prestigious DreamHack Masters title.
  • Global Events: DreamHack Masters takes place in different cities across the globe, making it a truly international tournament series. Teams from various regions get the opportunity to showcase their skills on the big stage.
  • Competitive Format: DreamHack Masters employs a competitive format, which may include group stages, playoffs, and grand finals. The format can vary from event to event, but the emphasis is on providing high-quality matches and exciting competition.
  • Strong Production Value: DreamHack is renowned for its high production value and immersive viewer experience. The tournaments are well-produced, and the broadcasts feature insightful analysis, expert commentary, and behind-the-scenes content.
  • Attracting Top Teams: DreamHack Masters events regularly attract some of the best CS:GO teams in the world, making them highly anticipated and prestigious competitions within the esports community.
  • Inclusion in the Intel Grand Slam: Some DreamHack Masters events are part of the Intel Grand Slam series, a special challenge offering a substantial cash prize to the first team that wins four eligible premier CS:GO tournaments.


DreamHack Masters has become a staple in the CS:GO competitive circuit and a favorite among fans, players, and teams alike. Its commitment to high-quality production and its role as a platform for top-level CS:GO competition have solidified DreamHack’s position as a leading force in the esports industry.