What pistols are in CS:GO


There are many pistols in CS:GO, including:


  1. Glock-18
  2. P2000
  3. USP-S
  4. P250
  5. Five-SeveN
  6. Tec-9
  7. CZ75-Auto
  8. Desert Eagle (also known as “Deagle”)
  9. R8 Revolver


Each pistol has its own unique characteristics such as damage, accuracy, fire rate, and recoil pattern. Choosing the right pistol for your play style and situation can be critical in winning rounds in CS:GO.


Which pistol is most effective in the game


Again, it’s difficult to say which pistol is the “most effective” in CS:GO, as it depends on various factors such as playstyle and situation. 

However, some of the most commonly used and effective pistols in the game include:


  1. CZ75-Auto – a semi-automatic pistol with a high rate of fire and good accuracy, making it deadly at close range.
  2. Five-SeveN – a pistol that is accurate and deals high damage, especially against armored opponents.
  3. Desert Eagle – a powerful pistol that can kill enemies with one or two shots to the chest or head, but requires good aim and recoil control.
  4. Tec-9 – a semi-automatic pistol with a high rate of fire and good damage, making it effective at close range.
  5. P250 – a versatile pistol that is accurate and has a relatively high damage output.


Ultimately, the most effective pistol will depend on the player’s personal preference and playstyle.


Specifications CZ75-Auto

Here are the specifications for the CZ75-Auto in CS:GO:


  • Ammo: 12/24 (12 rounds per magazine, 24 rounds in reserve)
  • Price: $500
  • Damage: 33
  • Armor penetration: 77.5%
  • Rate of fire: 600 rounds per minute
  • Accuracy: Moderate, with a low recoil and a narrow spread when firing in bursts or single shots.
  • Reload time: 2.7 seconds (or 3.3 seconds if the magazine is completely empty)
  • Movement speed: 240 units per second (same as most pistols)
  • Special feature: The CZ75-Auto has a fast fire rate, allowing players to quickly eliminate enemies in close quarters. It also has a unique “ammo sharing” feature where players can pick up ammunition for the CZ75-Auto from other pistols, making it a more versatile option. However, it has a longer reload time compared to other pistols and a smaller magazine size, requiring players to use it carefully and make every shot count.


Tactics for playing with the CZ75-Auto


Here are some tactics for playing with the CZ75-Auto in CS:GO:


  1. Play aggressively: is a great pistol for close-quarters combat, so it’s best to play aggressively and get up close to your enemies. Try to flank your opponents or surprise them with unexpected angles.
  2. Use cover: is not very accurate when firing in full-auto mode, so it’s best to fire in bursts or single shots from behind cover to maximize accuracy and minimize exposure to enemy fire.
  3. Pick your fights:  is most effective at close range, so try to engage enemies in close-quarters situations where you have the advantage. Avoid engagements at long ranges where the CZ75-Auto’s accuracy is limited.
  4. Reload often: With only 12 rounds in the magazine and a relatively long reload time, it’s important to reload frequently to avoid being caught with an empty gun in a firefight.
  5. Take advantage of ammo sharing: can share ammunition with other pistols, so try to pick up ammo from dead enemies or teammates to keep your CZ75-Auto stocked with bullets.
  6. Coordinate with teammates:  is a good weapon for flanking or rushing, so coordinate with your teammates to create distractions or push the enemy from multiple directions.