Is Website Age Important In Ranking CS: GO Case Opening Sites?

Ranking CS: GO

Nowadays, it is essential to know which website perfectly suits your passion for CS:GO. Rating for CS: GO case opening sites is made to highlight the best platforms, where everybody can test their luck and join a famous lottery. The main reason to prefer them is regularly adding new collections, higher chances to get rare skins, and lower prices than on the Steam market. 

CS GO sites

When building a specific rating for CS: GO case opening sites, it is crucial to show how it is prepared for a global audience. Therefore, the platforms should:

  • include international optimization (language, payments, and currencies);
  • optimize fairness algorithms (Provably Fair);
  • have potentially profitable services for players (everybody should equally compete for the valuable prizes). 

As a rule, players choose the best website, especially from the top ranking list. However, specific inconspicuous parameters are hard to influence but play a particular role in the customer’s choice. The website age represents when Google first indexed it, and for somebody, it’s decisive. Let’s find out how the site’s age affects the rating and why it is essential.

What Is the Domain Age and How to Differentiate It from the Website Age? 

Ranking CS:GO sites

The domain age is when the domain was registered till the checking day, and the website age is the number of days the platform’s connected to a specific domain. For instance, new CS: GO case opening sites usually have more functions and possibilities than those that appeared more than 5 years ago. As we see, the parameters are similar but have a principal difference. And while analyzing the service’s quality, it is essential to know about the website’s age. 

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How to Check the Website’s Domain Age? 

There is plenty of checking methods, and the primary ones are the following: 

  • Whois shows the registration date, and everything to do is count the days from the registration date. 
  • Other specific services represent the domain age after getting the website’s URL. 

Interestingly, old websites are more valued by the auctioneers, and they often set the highest prices for 6+ years of domains. 

Does Domain Age Influence SEO? 

There are a lot of myths doubting the indicator’s influence on relevance and search results. The answer to the question is also ambiguous. The experts say that age doesn’t decide which sites will rank higher in the case of poor SEO. However, suppose there is excellent and consistently changed content (considering targeted keywords and LSI), updated functions, good reviews, and a lack of client-connected inconveniences. In that case, Google will consider more considerable age an advantageous parameter. 

What to Choose: Old or New Domain? 

It depends on what services are available on the website and if it has any SEO implemented. In the case of CS: GO case opening sites, many owners aim at creating entirely new platforms with specific rules and functional structures. Therefore, while developing a new website, the old domain is usually blocked, and all the previous SEO and targeted request optimization parameters are deleted. 

Why Do Customers Think the Site’s Age Affects Its Rating? 

As a rule, age and significant work experience don’t represent high service quality. Even if the company has existed for more than 10 years, it may be disrespected by its customers and have low competitiveness. CS: GO case opening sites are usually loyal to the community and try to attract users through custom events, content updates, etc. And the website age usually shows the availability of the listed characteristics, and that’s why it is so important. What else does the specific website ranking influence? 

Quality of the Content

Overall, when working in a specific niche for some time, the peculiarities reveal to the website holders. For instance, CS: GO players’ activity shows which cases they enjoy opening more than the others. Therefore, the developers regularly add new custom collections depending on the player’s preferences. Also, if any specific SEO tools are available, it will be easy to determine the most popular functions and improve them.

Absence of Technical Issues

Years of experience in customer support and standard corrections of technical mistakes play a vital role in the website’s authority. In CS: GO case opening sites, common mistakes are connected with payments, items’ withdrawal, trade offers, etc. Experienced developers know each potential problem and have the skills to get rid of them quickly. 

Fairness and Reliability 

These 2 are the main parameters players consider while choosing websites with lotteries. Users always demand everybody have equal chances to compete and get a drop of the desired knife or AK-47. Therefore, if customers find positive reviews and even get information from their friends, their wish to open cases and try their luck will grow. 

Available History to Check

It is one more aspect that makes players convinced of fair play. Modern platforms for case opening provide long-time statistics, where everybody can see how much time the others spent on the website, how many cases they opened, and what items they got. Due to the gathered information, users can define the collections with the highest chances of getting an expensive drop. 

User Experience 

Regardless of the service quality, the design and interaction elements were always essential. It will be best to choose a beautiful and memorable logo for CS: GO case opening site, create exciting custom collection icons, build up a helpful main page, etc. The first thing to consider is how the users perceive cooperation with the CS: GO platform. 

Tips for Old and New Websites

The specialists say that the website performance depends on how the development was provided. Therefore, if choosing an existing domain for the website, it is essential to: 

  • Analyze the backlinks with the specific instruments (Ahrefs, SEMRush, etc.). 
  • Use Google Analytics to determine the most efficient pages and provide their SEO. 
  • Change the design and create plenty of new content to show that the website gets new properties. 

Although, if you want to create a new domain for the site, remember the following: 

  • Use the old URL as a template to win the marketing competition. 
  • Make each content page include the targeted keywords, LSI, and other SEO characteristics to improve the relevance. 
  • Get paid marketing strategy to promote the platform at the beginning. 

Here you can find only a few rules to follow because developing a new website is a long and complicated process. Moreover, when speaking about CS:GO, the platform should be unique to reach high popularity among the community. 

Top 3 Best Old CS: GO Websites In which Site’s Age Didn’t Affect the Rating

Even having their domains registered for more than 5 ages, millions of users visit these websites to supplement their regular playing matchmaking. The most popular 3 CS: GO sites are: 

  • – the platform for learning the statistics of popular esports teams and players and learning about the latest CS:GO events. 
  • – the place where everybody can sell their items for a specific price or buy and trade new ones. 
  • is a popular streaming platform that has attracted international viewers for many years. 

Due to their abundance, it isn’t elementary to determine the best CS: GO case opening website.  Each has its pros and cons, and the rating helps analyze them and choose the best. 

To Sum Up

Overall, the website’s age affects the rating because of the working experience and knowing what the audience expects from the product. Therefore, the long-term specialists always consider SEO rules, update the content and provide the best customer service to reach the highest positions in the rating.