DatDrop.com: is it worth playing



A website for opening CS:GO boxes is called datdrop.com. They provide dual cash register opening, bartering, and regular cash register opening. There are links to games like Blackjack, Coin Flip, Gems, and Jackpot, but the Datdrop website does not really host any of these titles.

Since its launch in 2017, DatDrop.com has built a strong reputation for reliability and authenticity. DatDrop receives over 750,000 monthly visitors, according to SimilarWeb data. The fairness of the games played can be verified using their evidence fair system.

The site operates over a secure SSL-encrypted connection, as you can see by looking at the padlock icon on the left side of the address bar. This means your connection is secure.

The site has a wide range of boxes, from those that cost just a few cents to high-end Datdrop boxes that cost several hundred dollars.

How to get rid of your DatDrop.com CS:GO skins


Direct skin withdrawals from Datdrop are not possible. Using Ethereum is the sole option to withdraw money from the website.

You need to transfer your earned skins into Ethereum in order to withdraw money from the website. Click “Cash Out” after that. A “withdrawal” address, which can be any Ethereum wallet, must be provided.

You can send money to websites like LootBear and Waxpeer and use it to purchase skins, or you can go to Coinbase to change your Ethereum to Euros or Bitcoins.

You will be asked to confirm the money withdrawal after entering the address. You will be directed to a website with information about the number of skins, their dollar price in dollars, and their anticipated ETH value.

To finish the transaction, click “Confirm Cashout”. A pop-up notification stating “Cash out created successfully” will appear.

The price of Ethereum is determined by the ETH/USD market rate on Bitfinex at the moment of the transaction.

Increasing your level in Datdrop

Datdrop provides daily free boxes to website visitors. Your level determines how many free boxes you get and the caliber of the skins. Five levels are possible. Your level increases when more money is deposited into your account. The deposits needed for each stage are listed below.

  • Level 1 costs $3, Level 2 $25, and Level 3 $50.
  • Level 4: $75
  • Level 5: $100

Moreover, the user level can drop. Every day at midnight, you deplete $5 from your level (not to your account). Hence, if you don’t consistently deposit money, your level will drop.

Of course, the more skins you can receive in a free box, the higher your level.

  • Skins priced from $0.03 and $1.77 are included in the first level’s free box.
  • The second level’s free box has skins priced from $0.09 to $2.48.
  • Skins priced from $0.30 to $3.98 are offered in the third level’s free box.
  • The fourth level’s free box has skins ranging in price from $0.13 to $30.
  • Skins priced from $0.09 to $75 are offered in the fifth level’s free box.

Complimentary skins with a coupon

The first thing DatDrop does is remove the one-time use restriction from promotional codes. Use the Digixid promo code to receive an extra 5% off of any deposit you make to the website. On the website, there are hourly, daily, and weekly giveaways, but you can only access the site if you have just deposited money. Although some people might not appreciate the deposit requirement, it also means that you will have a far better chance of winning if you do enter. You can open free daily cases on DatDrop, but you also need to have just put them there. Your daily level rises slightly after each deposit and falls a little each day. You can open the case as long as the case level is greater than 0.

Is Datdrop a trustworthy website or a con?

Datdrop has been around for a while and is well-liked by its users. Almost 1.9 million users have visited it during the course of its existence, and they have opened over 145 million boxes.

In addition, they have a mechanism that has been shown to be fair in both battles and updates, allowing users to verify the objectivity of the outcomes. Datdrop is on social media and has accounts on Facebook and Twitter.


In addition to case opening, DatDrop provides a number of fun games where you can win a unique CS:GO skin:

  • Fight of cases: On the website, there are always ongoing battles in which you can challenge another person for victory. The owner of the more precious item removes all the things from the case; Up to 72 players may participate in the huge fight known as Battle Royal. Rounds are conducted by groups of participants. The best items from the rival are given to the final victor;
  • Randomly upgrade your skins to receive a more valuable item.
  • Players are able to trust that all game outcomes are impartial thanks to the Provably Fair mechanism.

Methods of withdrawal and deposit

Your account can be financed in a number of ways:

  • Cards.
  • bitcoin, litecoin.
  • CS:GO skins.

Only skins and CS:GO keys can be withdrawn, either directly to the Steam inventory or via P2P. There is no cash out option for real money.

Support@datdrop.com is where you may contact a support specialist. You can also leave a message on the official Facebook or Twitter pages. These are all, regrettably, methods of contacting help.


Since it offers transaction security, enjoyable playing, and fair payments, DatDrop has been a pioneer among websites of a similar nature for more than five years.